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The interval between two nodes, as on a stem or along a nerve fiber.



the area of a stem or shoot between two neighboring nodes—the sites of leaf attachment. When there is close placement of leaves, as in the basal rosettes of dandelions, daisies, and plantains, the internodes are greatly abbreviated and almost unnoticeable. In young shoots the internodes are short and the nodes are close together; as the stem or shoot grows, the internodes become longer. The growth of the internodes is effected by the activity of the meristem, which is located either at the base of the internode (in the Gramineae and Caryophyllaceae) or in its upper part (Ranunculus and Plantago).

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Aerial stems and rhizomes collected for study were cut into nodal and internodal segments and preserved in 50% ethanol.
Different types of signals are used to infer the internodal distances.
In order to fill the demand for LOS terminals serving as relays, data package extensions, and 2MB internodals, Chris Cadorette and EMS once again found the answer.
This could be anything from a simple Gantt chart or Excel-type worksheet format to a complex critical path with multiple internodal points.
Such an arrangement could lead to prolonged internodal and/or A-V nodal-His-Purkinje conduction.
In addition, the model postulates networks or superlattices of nodal points in the mind (ten-dimensional) domain, in R-space, and in D-space, and that these superlattices are close-packed hexagonal-like in 3D--even stating (without proof) an internodal spacing at each of these levels.
Take two-inch internodal cuttings, leaving a pair of mature leaves on each cutting.
The network consists of fiber routed through local, or alternate central offices, internodal and/or interoffice channel facilities that transmit DS1, DS3, STS-1, and/or OC-3 channel services simultaneously over primary and alternate paths between The Internet Advisory Corporation designated locations and BellSouth central offices.
24] After demyelination, conduction is impeded both by the low density of sodium channels in the internodal axon membrane and by the uncovering or "unmasking" of potassium channels.
The association of ideational complexity with higher order cognition may be a summative result of internodal activity.
On this view, each internodal link requires (a) the generation of a mediating response that specifics the next node and (b) identity matching of this node with the available choices on the stimulus display.