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The interval between two nodes, as on a stem or along a nerve fiber.



the area of a stem or shoot between two neighboring nodes—the sites of leaf attachment. When there is close placement of leaves, as in the basal rosettes of dandelions, daisies, and plantains, the internodes are greatly abbreviated and almost unnoticeable. In young shoots the internodes are short and the nodes are close together; as the stem or shoot grows, the internodes become longer. The growth of the internodes is effected by the activity of the meristem, which is located either at the base of the internode (in the Gramineae and Caryophyllaceae) or in its upper part (Ranunculus and Plantago).

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En terminos constructivos, los campamentos de descanso prehispanicos comparten un tipo de construccion muy simple y de baja inversion arquitectonica, sin importar el periodo que representan, siendo los recintos de formas tendientes a la circularidad una de las caracteristicas indicativas de la continuidad de un patron constructivo que se mantuvo en el transito internodal en todos los periodos preincaicos.
Percentage of callus formation in callus induction medium (CIM) and callus coloring derived from leaf (L) and internodal (I) explants of Alternanthera sessilis after 20 days in the dark and 10 days in the light in betacyanin induction medium (BIM).
In conclusion, diet-induced background fluorescence acquired using FRFI significantly impacts lymphatic measurement of the fluorescent signal amplitude, but not lymphatic contraction frequency, in the internodal collecting lymphatic vessels in mice fed a regular diet, and skin pigmentation further affects the amplitude.
Internodal segmentte impuls iletimi yavaslar, iletim blogu olan bolgenin distalinden normal M yaniti alinirken, proksimalden uyarim ile M yaniti alinmaz ya da dusuk amplitud olarak elde edilir.
Red algal filaments and algal plastids are especially evident in the larger cells of internodal portions of the host.
Os colmos da especie podem atingir 20-30 m de altura, 20-30 cm de diametro, 30-45 cm de comprimento internodal e 1-3 cm de espessura da parede, recomendado para a manufatura de laminas para paineis, polpa e papel, utensilio, alimento, etc (LIN, 1968).
[23] presented a novel trust-based congestion aware routing algorithm for WSNs in which the optimum route for data packet transfer is dynamically selected by the TC-ACO algorithm, on the basis of the trust, congestion level, and internodal distance of the sensor nodes.
Krigman, "Schwann cell vulnerability to demyelination is associated with internodal length in tellurium neuropathy," Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology, vol.
In the graft used the average internodal distance was 60 m and the structure showed tortuous channels formed by the nodes and fibrils of PTFE.
Aged stem sections were taken from internodes with leaf sheaths or scale leaves sloughed off where internodal pith cavities were present.
[K.sub.i] is the number of neighbors of the ith node, [D.sub.i,j] - is the distance between ith and jth nodes, and [M.sub.i] is the mean of internodal distances between the ith node and its neighbors.