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The interval between two nodes, as on a stem or along a nerve fiber.
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the area of a stem or shoot between two neighboring nodes—the sites of leaf attachment. When there is close placement of leaves, as in the basal rosettes of dandelions, daisies, and plantains, the internodes are greatly abbreviated and almost unnoticeable. In young shoots the internodes are short and the nodes are close together; as the stem or shoot grows, the internodes become longer. The growth of the internodes is effected by the activity of the meristem, which is located either at the base of the internode (in the Gramineae and Caryophyllaceae) or in its upper part (Ranunculus and Plantago).

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The highest percentage of responsive explant averages were obtained for the elongated epicotyl region of in vitro germinated plantlets (Epi E), internodal segments of in vitro germinated plantlets excluding the epicotyl region (IS in vitro), and short epicotyl of in vitro germinated plants (Epi S).
PErez-Molphe-Balch & Ochoa-Alejo (1997) cultivated Mexican lime (Citrus aurantifolia) and Monica tangerine (Citrus reticulata) internodal segments on MS medium supplemented with 7.5 mg [dm.sup.-3] BAP and 1.0 mg [dm.sup.-3] NAA, leading to 96 and 88 % responsive explants as well as 7.8 and 5.1 buds per explant for these cultivars, respectively.
It is important to point out that internodal segments did also produce adequate adventitious bud in our study.
For grapefruit, sour orange, and Citrus macropylla cultivated on culture medium supplemented with 1.0 mg [dm.sup.-3] BAP, 4.1, 2.2, and 9.9 buds per explant (internodal segments from 12 month old plants) were found respectively (Ghorbel et al., 1998).
Internodal segments of in vitro germinated plants of Rangpur lime were evaluated for organogenic induction in culture medium with different BAP concentrations.