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The interval between two nodes, as on a stem or along a nerve fiber.



the area of a stem or shoot between two neighboring nodes—the sites of leaf attachment. When there is close placement of leaves, as in the basal rosettes of dandelions, daisies, and plantains, the internodes are greatly abbreviated and almost unnoticeable. In young shoots the internodes are short and the nodes are close together; as the stem or shoot grows, the internodes become longer. The growth of the internodes is effected by the activity of the meristem, which is located either at the base of the internode (in the Gramineae and Caryophyllaceae) or in its upper part (Ranunculus and Plantago).

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Hoelzer also reexamines empirical evidence I presented on coalescence times observed in avian species, which on average were shorter than internodes between speciation events in a woodpecker phylogeny.
At the end of each growth trial we measured: (1) plant height; (2) length of three internodes beneath the most recent fully expanded leaf; (3) area, fresh mass, dry mass, and petiole length of three top-most fully expanded leaves; (4) total number of leaves; (5) total number of internodes; (6) number, internode number, mass, and length of branches; (7) total leaf area and dry mass; (8) petiole dry mass and length; and (9) root dry mass.
Before shipping the internodes to a manufacturer for cutting into the basic reed shapes, they remove any that appear inferior.
After jointing and silking stage, meter scale was used to determine the lengths between internode below ear.
By Pearson correlation analysis, a high and positive correlation index was verified between the major branch length and internode length, 0.
On the other hand, significant interaction effect between genotype and doses of coconut water was observed for shoot length, number of leaves and number of internodes indicating that genotypes perform differently along the different doses of coconut water (Table 1).
When the internode below the spikelet (pedicel = hipopodium) is not elongated, the inflorescence is a spike of spikelets (Fig.
2009) accumulated 66% of the total number of bored internodes it would sustain for the season by the time internode no.
Leaf, internode and cotyledon from in vitro grown seedlings, excised under aseptic conditions, were transferred to the culture vessels containing sterilized media.
the number of central vascular bundles in the peduncle was found to be 25 while at the internode number 1 the same got truncated to 22 but at internode 9 it further declined to 15.
where i: degree of damage for a given internode (according to a photographic scale), [n.
The Rht1 allele in 'Maringa' wheat reduced the amount of stored reserves contributed by the peduncle and penultimate internode to grain by 56 and 40%, averaged over both well-watered and droughted treatments, as a result of 18 and 16% reduction in the internode length, respectively (Shakiba et al.