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see nuncionuncio, apostolic
, resident legate of the Holy See at the capital of a temporal government. Nuncios are in most of the countries with which the Holy See has diplomatic relations.
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Ante estas circunstancias el internuncio residente en Brasil, monsenor Domenico Sanguigni propuso a la Santa Sede la designacion de un Vicario Apostolico enviado desde Roma con plena jurisdiccion episcopal.
Lo sucedio con el titulo de internuncio Ambrosio Campodonico (1841-1845), y a este, tambien por un breve periodo, Cayetano Bedini (1846-1847).
He died aged forty-six as papal internuncio to the Kingdom of Egypt, beloved for his openness to Christians, Jews, and Muslims and his desire to be of service to all.
(Indeed, we find this same pattern during the Qing dynasty [1644-1911] when missionaries were occasionally expelled.) The internuncio, Anthony Riberi, also played an important role by establishing the Legion of Mary in 1947, whose close-knit groups were trained in a spirituality of witnessing, sacrifice, and resistance.