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an analog or digital computing device for the determination of the coordinates of a point moving continuously along an analytically given curve.

Interpolators are used as control devices in programmed control systems; the output signals of the interpolator act directly or with the help of intermediate carriers (perforated or magnetic tapes) on the drive mechanism of the working tool of the controlled object (for example, a metal-cutting lathe), with the result that the working tool moves in space or in a plane along the required curve. The method for giving the parameters of the curve depends on the type of interpolator and the method used to solve the equation of the curve.

The simplest interpolators are continuous-action (analog) interpolators for determining straight-line segments potentiometers, certain types of compensators). A potentiometer in the circuit of a linear interpolator controls the motion of the working tool along one coordinate axis. The voltage supplied to the potentiometer is proportional to the length of the segment to be worked, whereas the voltage taken off by the slide of the potentiometer is proportional to the coordinate of the moving point, that is, to the required displacement of the working tool.

A discrete-action (digital) interpolator is a computing device whose initial data are coded (binary, decimal) numbers and whose output signal is a series of uniform discrete electrical pulses or simple phase shifts, each of which causes an elementary movement of the working tool of the device being controlled. The basic elements of discrete interpolators are digital integrators, various combinations of which form interpolators that work out straight lines, circles, hyperbolas, parabolas, and other figures.


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It interpolates a curve so all specified points are within a tolerance band and CompCad renders this curve as a sequence of parametric polynomials.
2]) of minimal dimension that interpolates the functionals [[delta].
On the other hand, it is easy to verify that the 3-dimensional space spanned by [1, x, y] interpolates at two arbitrary points.
The minimal dimension of the space that interpolates [[delta].
The minimal dimension of a subspace that interpolates [[delta].
The minimal dimension of a space that interpolates [[delta].
In contrast to the previous two cases, I was unable to find a four-dimensional space that interpolates these functionals for arbitrary u [not equal to] v [member of] [R.
No four-dimensional space interpolates functionals [[delta].
There exists a seven-dimensional space that interpolates at two arbitrary points, and all of the first-order partial derivates at these points.