interprocess communication

interprocess communication

[¦in·tər‚prä·səs kə‚myü·ə′kā·shən]
(computer science)
The communication between computer programs running concurrently under the control of the same operating system.
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(1) (IP Camera) See network camera.

(2) (InterProcess Communication) The exchange of data between one program and another either within the same computer or over a network. An IPC protocol generally expects a response to a request. Examples are Dynamic Data Exchange in Windows and Interapplication Communications in the Mac (see DDE and IAC).

IPCs are performed automatically by the applications. For example, a spreadsheet program might query a database program to retrieve data. A manual example of an IPC is performed when users copy and paste data from one file to another.

(3) (Instructions Per Clock cycle) The number of instructions that can be executed by a CPU in one tick of the clock. This is accomplished by various pipelining techniques that determine which instructions can be executed in parallel and keeping often-used instructions in a cache. See pipeline processing.
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Hence, Algorithm 1 has to insert the interprocess communication to implement the reduction for U before updating [[??].sub.i] (Statement (11)-(12)).
These topologies are constructed as matrices whose elements represent the interprocess communication volume and the network distances between any two cores, respectively.
VBoxXPCOMIPCD is the XPCOM process used on non-Windows hosts for interprocess communication between guests and the management applications.
Apparently, this document would try to exploit DDE so that it could run a remote HTML application. DDE refers to Dynamic Data Exchange, a mode of interprocess communication used by the Windows operating systems.
RS 232 Socket programming in Java: Java programming language has provided the facility to well handling sockets functions for interprocess communication (IPC).
(i) We define Lean Structural Networks (LSN) as a set of nodes formed by process owners (POs) and edges formed by the KPI in the check phase of an interprocess communication standard (CPD)nA as described in [31] connecting the PO (CPD)nA Sender (Source) and the PO (CPD)nA Receiver (Sink).
A discussion of processes in userspace follows, and buffer function and structure are elucidated along with a description of multiprocess files and interprocess communication. Finally, a large chapter introduces the reader to design guidelines for an operating system.
MIPI UniPort-M was designed as a universal, chip- to-chip, interprocess communication that is ideal for mobile communications that require high speed, low power, scalable and flexible solutions.
Because ManySense is running in a separate process, the SubscriberConnection class sends the request query to ManySense by interprocess communication (IPC).
The two simulators we evaluated in this work, pNeo and Verdandi, included extensive instrumentation for collecting detailed performance data on all aspects of their execution, interprocess communication, and memory usage so that we could evaluate their scaling over a wide range of network sizes on different computing architectures.
Since the data partition has two different types, the data communication also has two types: (1) interprocess communication and (2) intraprocess communication.
The low latency interprocess communication of CoreDX DDS complements JamaicaVM runtime's deterministic, low latency and low jitter execution.

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