intersecting gable

cross gable

cross gables
A gable which is set parallel to the ridge of the roof.
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The free-standing, one-story building features a spread footing foundation with a grade concrete slab, a hybrid steel and wood structural system, and a steel roof support structure for a single gable roof with front-facing intersecting gables.
The basic form of the house is two intersecting gables that form a cross.
The 2 1/2 -story house, built by John and George Kinsey, is considered to be of the Gothic revival architectural style, with intersecting gables and corniced windows.
A complex elaboration of three intersecting gables, the Taringa roof is made up of the long ridge shooting north over the living area and the twinned intersecting gables over the two bedrooms that merge above the entrance -- 'a dignified figure observed in [the architecture of] Queensland state schools'.