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Tissue Fluid


(also called interstitial fluid), the fluid in the intercellular and pericellular areas of tissues and organs in animals and man. Tissue fluid bathes all tissue elements and, together with the blood and lymph, constitutes the body’s internal medium. The cells absorb necessary nutrients from the tissue fluid and discharge metabolic products into it.

The chemical composition and the physical and biological properties of tissue fluid differ in the various organs and correspond to the organs’ morphological and functional characteristics. Tissue fluid is similar to blood plasma, but contains less protein (about 1.5 g per 100 ml) and different proportions of electrolytes, enzymes, and metabolites. The composition and properties of tissue fluid have a specific homeostasis, which protects organ and tissue cells from the effects of changes in blood composition.

Nutrients essential for the tissues enter the tissue fluid from the blood, and metabolites are removed from the tissue fluid through the histohematic connective tissue barrier. When the tissue fluid flows from the organs into the lymphatics, it becomes lymph. The volume of tissue fluid in a rabbit amounts to 23–25 percent of the body mass; in man it amounts to 23–29 percent, with an average of 26.5 percent. Many histologists regard as tissue fluids the cerebrospinal fluid, the pericardial fluid, the fluid of the anterior chamber of the eye, and the fluid of the pleural cavity.

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k ([cm.sup.2] [mm.sup.-1] H[g.sup.-1] [s.sup.-1]), Pi (mm [Hg.sup.-1]) and u (m [s.sup.-1]) are the hydraulic conductivity of the interstitium, the interstitial fluid pressure and the interstitial fluid velocity respectively (the Nomenclatures are listed in Appendix 1).
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Aliquots (1 g/L) of the interstitial fluid were preincubated at 37 [degrees]C for 15 min with 10 mmol/L EDTA for an inhibition test.
where [rho] and v are the density and velocity of the interstitial fluid, respectively.
If the patient's relative blood volume remains unchanged over the 3 consecutive haemodialysis sessions, that is, the relative blood volume graph is greater than 95% at the end of each dialysis, then the patient still has a lot of interstitial fluid on board, hence DW should be slowly reduced.
At a perfusion fluid flow rate of 0.3 [micro]l/min, the concentration of metabolites recovered represents approximately 70% of the tree concentration in the interstitial fluid. The standard catheter allows a molecular weight cutoff of 20 kDa or smaller to be collected into a microvial, which includes glucose, lactate, and pyruvate (see Fig 1).
This article is an attempt to devise a short text aimed at improving students' understanding of Gibbs-Donnan effects on fluid traffic between cellular and interstitial fluid and between interstitial fluid and plasma.
Turgor Normal resiliency of the skin caused by the outward pressure of the cells and interstitial fluid.
There are two distinct dissipative mechanisms in response to loading: the frictional drag force of interstitial fluid flow through the porous-permeable solid matrix (i.e., the flow dependent mechanism); and the time-dependent deformations of the solid macromolecules (i.e., the flow-independent mechanism).
Available by prescription, FreeStyle Navigator is designed to continually record interstitial fluid glucose levels to facilitate management of the disease.
It results from an increase in interstitial fluid volume due to an imbalance in the filtration system between the capillary and interstitial spaces.

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