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It's spelled "interrupt".
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A signal that gets the attention of the CPU and is usually generated when I/O is required. For example, hardware interrupts are generated when a key is pressed or when the mouse is moved. Software interrupts are generated by a program requiring disk input or output.

An internal timer may continually interrupt the computer several times per second to keep the time of day current or for timesharing purposes.

When an interrupt occurs, control is transferred to the operating system, which determines the action to be taken. Interrupts are prioritized; the higher the priority, the faster the interrupt will be serviced.
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Men are still granted greater authority in both verbal and nonverbal communicative interactions: they are more likely to determine which topics get pursued, they interupt women more than women interrupt men, and women do more of the "supportive" work (Henley 1977; Fishman 1978).
Berle's Model and Managerial Trusteeship * Although Berle was associated with Roosevelt's "Brain Trust," and The Modern Corporation and Privatee Property anticipated much of the reform that followed, Berle had little direct influence on New Deal legislation.(45) His insights were probably more useful later, to regulators in their efforts to interupt and enforce New Deal laws, to Congress in its subsequent attempts to amend the laws, and to business leaders, educators, and reformers in their attempts to justify, explain, or alter much of what went on in the field of regulation and corporate managerial practice.
With a public transit situation, you have the option of reading, sleeping, studying, or finishing up work without having a phone to interupt you.
Not the sort of games you could interupt, or start a conversation about.
Palace were happy to interupt Arsenal's flow at every opportunity, and Chamakh was shown a yellow card on 42 minutes for another niggling foul on Ozil.
But coach Derrick Pope was anxious not to interupt their current run of good form and was delighted when the airmen agreed to fill in at short notice.
Since the September 11 attacks on the United States worsened the global economic outlook, shares in European oil companies have performed in line with the equities market despite a 24 per cent drop in the price of crude, thanks to their defensive qualities, continued strong earnings, and a view that worldwide conflict may interupt Middle East oil supplies.
I'd bet everything I own they wouldn't interupt a Henman match to show T in the Park.
The Scots rock supergroup - who celebrate 20 years of chart success this year - will interupt recording their new album to take part in the event.
It had just kicked-off when reports, from Peter Jones, began to interupt from the other tie originally of fears of crowd trouble.
The former colonel of the regiment who was once in charge of hundreds of Tyneside soldiers, deliberately joined the Conservative party so he could interupt when Mr Hammond was due to speak.
I remember the times we would stay out until 12 just talking about your day and if I tried to say something you would interupt me.