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An object-oriented toolkit developed at Stanford University for building graphical user interfaces. It is implemented in C++ and provides a library of objects and a set of protocols for composing them.

What does it mean when you dream about interviews?

Facing an interview in a dream carries the same connotations of anxiety as dreams about exam taking. The dreamer may feel that he or she is being judged by others or by herself.

References in classic literature ?
The instant Betts Shoreham saw that he was to have an interview with the charming French girl, instead of with Julia Monson, his countenance brightened; and, as if supposing the circumstance proof of his success, he seized the governess' hand, and carried it to his lips in a very carnivorous fashion.
A thousand, thousand thanks, dearest Mademoiselle Hennequin," said Betts, in an incoherent, half-sane manner; "you have read my letter, and I may interpret this interview favorably.
But this interview was still of the utmost gravity for her.
It would have been idle for me to have attempted resuming the interview so peremptorily terminated by Marnoo, who was evidently little disposed to compromise his own safety by any rash endeavour to ensure mine.
He gave an interview to Reuter's, and there was such a howl that he saw it wouldn't do.
I have to interview the fellow, and I need some lead up to him.
I have just read his account of my interview, and he's got it pat, word by word.
As he took up his hat, Magdalen appeared at the door, returning from her interview with Frank.
By making a third at the interview between them, he might prevent the conversation from assuming a perilously confidential turn.
Sir Percival was in such boisterous high spirits that I hardly recognised him as the same man whose quiet tact, refinement, and good sense had impressed me so strongly at the interview of the morning.
Milady seemed overcome with joy, and made Kitty repeat the smallest details of the pretended interview of the soubrette with De Wardes when he received the letter; how he had responded; what was the expression of his face; if he seemed very amorous.
Before leaving the scaffold Aramis had approached the opening where Athos was concealed to tell him that he was about to make an attempt to gain another interview with the king.