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The innermost coat of a blood vessel. Also known as tunica intima.



(tunica intima vasorum), the inner coat of the blood vessels (except the capillaries).

The intima consists of a layer of endothelium, a layer of loose connective tissue underneath, and an inner elastic membrane that separates the intima from the tunica media. The intima forms pocketlike valves in the veins, permitting the blood in the vessels to flow in only one direction.

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Los conejos que recibieron leche con alta relacion AGt/AGS desarrollaron mayor extension del area sudanofilica, del espesor intimal y del area de lesion intimal en aorta; sin embargo, las diferencias no fueron significativos (p 0,5776, p 0,2014 y p 0,283, respectivamente).
In contrast to current widely used growth factors, RepSox inhibits intimal hyperplasia.
BiffI: Blunt Trauma Grading System (1999) Grade Description I Irregularity of the vessel wall, or dissection/intramural hematoma with less than 25% luminal stenosis II Intraluminal thrombus, raised intimal flap, dissection/intramural hematoma with 25% or more luminal narrowing III Pseudoaneurysm IV Occlusion V Transection, or hemodynamically significant AVF
Intimal thickness (I1 and I2) is likewise measured on either side of the vessel from IEL to vascular lumen (D) (original magnification X400 [A through D]).
Thus, intimal flap creation as a complication of aortic wall damage during aortic balloon valvuloplasty is a rare and important complication and should not be ruled out.
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Carotid intimal medial thickness was measured using B mode ultrasound "Siemens ACUSONR X300 Premium" and ABI done using hand held Doppler in both group.
O periodo entre a retirada e implantacao da veia no sistema arterial coronariano e o suficiente para promover algum grau de isquemia nesse enxerto e o estresse na parede do vaso apos esta estar conectada a circulacao arterial favorece o processo de fibrose intimal (PIMENTEL FILHO, 2003; CHAMIE,2013).
Tears in the intimal layer result in the propagation of dissection (proximally or distally) secondary to the entry of blood into the intima-media space.