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The innermost coat of a blood vessel. Also known as tunica intima.



(tunica intima vasorum), the inner coat of the blood vessels (except the capillaries).

The intima consists of a layer of endothelium, a layer of loose connective tissue underneath, and an inner elastic membrane that separates the intima from the tunica media. The intima forms pocketlike valves in the veins, permitting the blood in the vessels to flow in only one direction.

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Intimal hyperplasia can extend beyond the anastomotic site, as suggested in our case where the dissection flap spans throughout the graft.
Carotid artery intimal media thickness and ankle brachial index as predictors for atherosclerosis in pre-diabetic patients.
According to World Health Organization (WHO), there are three types of sarcoma of large blood vessels: angiosarcoma, leimyosarcoma and intimal sarcoma (3).
Em choque cardiogenico e dependente de aminas vasoativas veio transferida para o HSJA sendo realizado cateterismo de emergencia que revelou oclusao dos enxertos de safena, hiperplasia intimal focal de 90% em anastomose de MA-DA e arteria coronaria direita ocluida em seu 1/3 proximal.
Constrictive lesions include concentric laminar intimal proliferation (Figure 1) and concentric acellular intimal proliferation, whereas complex lesions include plexiform lesions, dilation, and arteritis (Figure 2).
There was a statistically significant difference of mean intimal thickness of RCCA between the control group and patients with diabetes and hypertension (mean= 0.
Local intimal thickening in the injury zone was observed 17 weeks after the procedure in all the rabbit.
Although the intimal flap can be detected by echocardiography, CT, MRI, and catheter angiography, we believe that echocardiography should be the first choice to evaluate the cause of chest pain or shortness of breath which is not only to look for pulmonary artery dissection but also to exclude other causes of chest pain, assess the valves, measure the PA pressure, and further assess underlying cardiovascular pathophysiology and haemodynamics.
Type 3 : Intimal tear is in the descending aorta with distal propagation of dissection.
CT scanning with 3-dimensional reconstruction has been the first-line technique for diagnosing CAD as it quickly and reliably provides typical CT findings such as intimal flap, mural thrombus, false lumen, and aneurysm (1,2).