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The innermost coat of a blood vessel. Also known as tunica intima.



(tunica intima vasorum), the inner coat of the blood vessels (except the capillaries).

The intima consists of a layer of endothelium, a layer of loose connective tissue underneath, and an inner elastic membrane that separates the intima from the tunica media. The intima forms pocketlike valves in the veins, permitting the blood in the vessels to flow in only one direction.

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Ces differentes epoques, Oster se contente de les confronter, en conservant des bribes d'un vrai journal intime de 1993, juxtapose a celui de 1998, dans lequel il trame dans le meme temps le recit tres fragmentaire de sa maladie et de ses soins: le livre figure l'avancee vers le silence ou la fin de l'ouvrage le fera retourner, laissant le corps sans support ecrit face a sa mort.
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