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The likely reason is that, species aggregation may increase the number of intraspecific contacts relative to interspecific contacts (Neuhauser and Pacala, 1999) and thereby gained a substantial advantage.
Key word: Moringa oleifera; SSR; genetic intraspecific diversity; similarity coefficient (SC); Nigeria.
A survey of intraspecific predation within the class Mammalia.
rpoC1 ITS region Aligned sequence length (bp) 518 678 Number of variable sites 12 202 Mean intraspecific K2P distance % (range) 0.
6 %) was above the values reported for intraspecific divergences in rodents (Baker & Bradley 2006).
Furthermore, intraspecific variability can be recognized thanks to the presence of several specimens that preserve the same anatomical elements.
The authors attributed the high frequency of healed fractures to aggressive intraspecific interactions, stresses imposed by burrowing, and pelvic trauma induced by parturition.
This relationship, in its turn, depends on the environmental conditions, due to intraspecific competition for water, nutrients and light.
Because snails with a larger shell tend to have a longer foot, then both shell size and foot length should be positively correlated with speed--if there is an intraspecific positive correlation between foot length and wavelength.
Plants equidistantly spaced have higher efficiency of assimilation of the productive resources (water, light and nutrients), since the intraspecific competition becomes minimal.
2011) developed an F2 population from an intraspecific cross between a drought tolerant (RH-510) and drought sensitive (FH-901) Gossypium hirsutum cultivars.