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The symbolic absorption into and toward oneself of concepts and feelings generated toward another person or object; motivates irrational behavior toward oneself.
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in theory of knowledge, the concept, introduced by the Austrian philosopher R. Avenarius, of the inadmissibility—from his point of view—of the insertion of perceived images into the consciousness of the individual. According to Avenarius, this follows from the inadmissibility of dividing the ideal and the real in general; this view is the result of his basing his philosophy on the concept of experience, dissolving within it the contrast between the spiritual and the material and thus attempting to refute materialism entirely. Criticism of these concepts of experience and introjection is provided by V. I. Lenin in his Materialism and Empiriocriticism (Poln. sobr. soch., 5th ed., vol. 18).

In psychology introjection is the individual’s inclusion of other persons’ views, motivations, and purposes in his inner world. It is a basis for identification. Projection is the opposite of introjection. The concept of introjection was introduced by the Hungarian psychoanalyst S. Ferenczi into depth psychology, where it is viewed as a psychological mechanism that plays an important role in the formation of the superego, conscience, and other personality phenomena.

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introjective mourning hides another process, a cryptophoric mourning,
The underlying assumption of this aspect of psychoanalytic theory is that you cannot "contain", in Bion's sense, the inevitable disturbances associated with an authority-cum-leadership role, unless you yourself have not only been "contained" in your own development, but also that you have identified with your "container" and by a process of introjective identification made the process a part of your inner life.
Given the totalizing and introjective power of apartheid, its social controls and binary emphases, is a postapartheid imagination even possible?
Abraham and Torok's idea that the literal ingestion of food can function as a figure of the introjective process specific to nonpathological mourning also seems highly pertinent since the transformation of loss into speech in Dinesen's story occurs following the consumption of a feast.
Donato develops his distinction between the concept as incorporation and the image as introjection from the work of Nicholas Abraham and Maria Torok, which is also a major influence on Kristeva's analysis of the introjective structure of melancholy in Black Sun.
Developing Klein's assumptions about primitive introjective and projective processes, Bion (1959; 1962b; 1965) put forward the idea that normal projective identifications drove the developmental process from the infants point of view.
In any human relationship there is permanent projective and introjective interplay.
Projective identification reappraised--Part I: Projective identification, introjective identification, the transference/countertransference neurosis/psychosis, and their consummate expression in the crucifixion, the Pieta, and 'therapeutic exorcism'.
The noxious and violent quality of the taking-in experience as well as the condensation of oral, anal and phallic introjective metaphors is striking.