intruder alarm system

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burglar alarm system

An electronic system designed to detect unauthorized entry into or within a premise. The system may be activated by the closure of a switch (for example, by stepping on a mat, opening a window, etc.), by the interruption of a photoelectric beam, or by a motion detector.
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The adoption of IoT communication protocols in intruder alarm systems will increase the average number of sensors connected to each system and could promote the wider deployment of wireless sensors in commercial installations.
These services compliment The fm Company's security guarding, fire and intruder alarm systems and access control solutions.
We provide security screened staff, state-of-the-art security services including internal and external CCTV surveillance, sophisticated intruder alarm systems that are connected to a remote central control station - all of which are maintained - by an accredited company.
Due to ISG technology's consolidated benefits, further sites are planned to utilise some of ISG technology's additional capabilities of CCTV, fire and intruder alarm systems.
Some houses have also had problems with their internet, television and intruder alarm systems.
It is claimed that SAS Fire and Security Systems is cold-calling on people - mainly the elderly - and frightening them with scare stories about burglary rates before trying to sell intruder alarm systems at high prices.
AISS is collaborating with US-based Automated Logic Corporation, a specialist in building automation systems, Cardax, New Zealand, an access control and intruder alarm systems provider and IndigoVision of Scotland, which focuses on IP video security in providing cost-effective, scalable and cutting-edge solutions that will ensure energy efficiency, safety and security, the statement said.