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Passing of a portion of a structure into another part of the same structure, such as the invagination of a part of the intestine.



the expansion of the cell wall in plants as a result of the introduction of new molecules of cellulose and protopectin into the already formed wall. Intussusception was previously contrasted to apposition, that is, the growth of the wall through the deposit of new layers from inside (from the protoplasm). Actually, both apposition and intussusception are observed during the growth and thickening of the cell wall.

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Intussusception should be considered in children with abdominal pain and vomiting.
All researchers report that surgery is the most effective treatment for adult intussusceptions (5).
Clinically, intussusceptions without a lead point are often asymptomatic and usually an incidental finding.
These polyps are frequently accompanied by recurrent abdominal pain due to intussusceptions whereas intussusceptions are often reduced spontaneously.
13) Intussusceptions are believed to occur when abnormalities of the intestinal wall lead to altered intestinal motility or pliability.
The nonoperative reduction of intussusceptions, involves the use of air, saline, barium, oxygen, water and watersoluble iodinated contrast medium under fluoroscopic guidance.
We simultaneously instituted a prospective observational study to assess our cohort of patients presenting with intussusception and document the impact of our updated guidelines.
Intussusceptions have been reported as sequelae to a number of conditions, including intestinal parasitism (Tangner, 1982), linear foreign bodies (Larsen and Bellenger, 1974), viral induced enteritis (Ellison, 1986), intestinal masses (Runyon et al.
In this case report, we present a case with adenomyoma of the ileum presenting with intussusception.
INTRODUCTION: Intussusception is a life-threatening illness that occurs when a portion of the intestine folds like a telescope with one segment slipping inside another segment.
in case of esophageal lipoma dysphagia while in case of small and large intestine intussusceptions as well as hematamesis hematocheszia or melena in case of ulceration in lipoma located in different parts of GIT67.