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The enfolding of a part of the wall of the blastula to form a gastrula.
The act of ensheathing or becoming ensheathed.
The process of burrowing or enfolding to form a hollow space within a previously solid structure, as the invagination of the nasal mucosa within a bone of the skull to form a paranasal sinus.



(1) In embryology, in-pouching, one of the processes of gastrulation, in which part of the wall of the embryo turns into its cavity and forms an inner layer, called the primitive entoderm.

(2) In medical practice, a form of intestinal obstruction in which a section of the gut works its way into (usually) a lower section, producing blockage of the lumen of the intestine. It is most often found in children.

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Ogunkoya and Cook (2009) stated that the surface epithelium invaginated into the lamina propria to form the simple tubular glands.
Endodontic treatment of a periradicular lesion on an invaginated type III mandibular lateral incisor.
My work is populated by the sensations of being a gladly invaginated male.
T5 apical margin not invaginated medially; S5 and S6 as in figures 31 and 34, genital capsule and S7 as in L.
The hernia reached to the patient's knee while in the upright position and his penis was invaginated into the enlarged scrotal area (figure 1).
A half inch of the damaged femoral artery was resected and the proximal end invaginated into the distal with four double needled silk sutures.
Three other eggs had small holes, remains of hatchlings, and internal puparia, but the eggs were invaginated so that the egg had a bowl-shaped appearance.
With the stapler inserted into the patient's rectum, it is opened and the lesion is invaginated into the stapler.
1B): a little shorter than the distance from the vertex to the back apices of the cruciform elevation; broad base, not tapering towards the last abdominal segment; ochre tergites; timbal cover dorsally short; stemites ochre, including the last abdominal segment; male sternite VIII twice as long as wide, with anterior margin almost straight, lateral margin oblique, and the posterior margin invaginated (Fig.
Thus, a six-pack of yogurt containers holds smaller, similarly shaped foil voids invaginated within; a roll of toilet paper is splayed open to reveal a hidden cavity; a sausage is sliced in half and hollowed out, its interior lined with protective plastic wrap.