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The enfolding of a part of the wall of the blastula to form a gastrula.
The act of ensheathing or becoming ensheathed.
The process of burrowing or enfolding to form a hollow space within a previously solid structure, as the invagination of the nasal mucosa within a bone of the skull to form a paranasal sinus.



(1) In embryology, in-pouching, one of the processes of gastrulation, in which part of the wall of the embryo turns into its cavity and forms an inner layer, called the primitive entoderm.

(2) In medical practice, a form of intestinal obstruction in which a section of the gut works its way into (usually) a lower section, producing blockage of the lumen of the intestine. It is most often found in children.

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Caption: Figure 3: Contrast enhanced coronal and sagittal computed tomography (CT) image of the abdomen and pelvis of Patient 1 at another time reveals unchanged normal appendix (red arrow) invaginated into the cecum, now surrounded by fecal particulate matter, making detection more difficult.
loewi has the aedeagus tip only slightly invaginated with a projection in the dorsocentral part.
A partially present and even invaginated acrosome makes the space between the sperm head membranes smaller and then the whole acrosomal volume smaller, which makes the amount of acrosomal enzymes in partial globozoospermia less than that in sperm with normal acrosome volume.
The epithelium invaginated to form folds and sulci, and the bottoms of the sulci were the openings of the simple tubular gizzard glands, surrounded by loose connective tissue.
The tumefaction invaginated under the transverse intermeniscal ligament to the zone of the front horn of lateral meniscus, being in close contact with the anterior tibial intercondylar eminence.
The first digit indicates the severity and history of the lesion: 0: no hypoplasia 1: minimal hypoplasia: smooth surface texture and brown white or yellow opaque areas 2: obvious hypoplasia: defined structure loss with dotted and invaginated appearance enamel loss or surface rugosity : obvious hypoplasia asso- ciated with caries 4: restoration at the area usually affected by hypoplasia 5: recurrent caries around the restoration at the area usually affected by hypoplasia 6: excluded tooth: either extracted or restored with a full Crown.
The condition tends to occur in people with deep invaginated umbilicus.
In the conventional radiographs, it is not always possible to determine, with great precision, the relationship between the invaginated portion of the tooth with the chamber and/or the root canals Radiographic examination showing presence of a radiopaque invagination of the enamel and dentine extending till the root apex with a large radiolucent that the suggestive of DI type III and a periradicular lesion [Figure 2].
He explains, "[I]n my work I've consciously tried to be more innovative and less reductive about bodies; I've tried to think about how many cracks I can find in a single body." For Koestenbaum, words like "invaginated" and "phallic narcissism" are key to understanding a poetry riddled with "holes" and hosted by "an ironic 'l' who is hanging out with body parts," as he explains below.
The epidermis invaginated into the dermis in one area.