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Logic (of an argument) having a conclusion that does not follow from the premises: it may be false when the premises are all true; not valid

What does it mean when you dream about being an invalid?

A dream about being an invalid may signify the lack of confidence and energy to pursue some issue. Hopelessness may have crippled the dreamer’s will to stand up and perform.

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Please restore public confidence, choose the option to invalidate.
According to Toshiba, copier and printer system vendors can use the Wipe Technology to securely invalidate sensitive document image data by automatically erasing the SED's internal encryption key.
SOFIA, Feb 16, 2010 (TUR) -- Bulgaria's highest court on Tuesday ruled to invalidate part of votes cast in Turkey in last July's general elections in Bulgaria.
HOMEOWNERS have been warned that poor home security can invalidate claims to replace items stolen by burglars.
The Court's ruling says that a licensee can sue to invalidate a licensed patent (and thus potentially eliminate or reduce the need to pay royalties).
Ten billion sinners do not invalidate the Ten Commandments; ignoring or rejecting HV does not invalidate it.
Meanwhile, 3 per cent had used their home for business without informing their insurer and the same proportion left their home unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days, which will automatically invalidate many insurance policies.
During the past three decades, this Court has invoked the Commerce Clause to invalidate state taxing schemes that unreasonably burdened interstate commerce by discriminating against out-of-state taxpayers.
The first is a tendency to invalidate statutes in impressive numbers, disregarding Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes's admonition that nonelected judges should give great deference to democratically elected legislatures.
A state judge on September 16 refused to invalidate more than 200 same-sex marriages performed in the town earlier this year because the antigay Liberty Counsel, which filed the case, failed to name all the couples as parties to the suit.
APP), Indonesia, from pursuing legal action in Indonesia to invalidate bonds issued by two APP subsidiaries according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.
A voluntary offer to donate $8 million, which was made by a utility that sought rezoning of a parcel to industrial use, did not invalidate the rezoning sought by the utility according to the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.