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Logic (of an argument) having a conclusion that does not follow from the premises: it may be false when the premises are all true; not valid
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What does it mean when you dream about being an invalid?

A dream about being an invalid may signify the lack of confidence and energy to pursue some issue. Hopelessness may have crippled the dreamer’s will to stand up and perform.

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In addition, the company disclosed that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) of the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) will invalidate all 17 claims of Immunex's US Patent No.
However, after the third appraiser provided his valuation, the plaintiff discovered a business relationship between the appraiser's employer and the defendant and sought to have a court invalidate the appraisal on that basis.
Mr Kivuti wants the highest court in the land to invalidate Mr Wambora's win and order for a fresh election.
In June, Pamatong asked the high court to invalidate the victory of the Duterte in the May 2016 elections for his supposed failure to file a certificate of candidacy on time.
NEARLY three-quarters of drivers admit they have made common mistakes which could invalidate their insurance.
The committee considered the proposal fo MP Eristina Kochkarova (Ar Namys) to invalidate the previous parliamentary resolution on extension of the term of Kyrgyz passports of 1994 year series of April 2011.
A vote to invalidate the application was lost eight votes against eight, again with the chair's casting vote swaying the application.
Seventeen suits have been filed by lawyers across the country seeking to invalidate the 2010 upper house election.
Because of this, the settlement agreement executed in lieu of court action did not invalidate the enforceable right of the charities to receive the estate assets, so the charitable deduction was allowed.
The executive recently referred the matter to the Court of Justice in order to invalidate this legal basis (Case C-43/12).
"The omission of a seconding on the nomination form is a technicality that needs to be addressed but does not invalidate the actions of these trustees as directors."