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Logic (of an argument) having a conclusion that does not follow from the premises: it may be false when the premises are all true; not valid

What does it mean when you dream about being an invalid?

A dream about being an invalid may signify the lack of confidence and energy to pursue some issue. Hopelessness may have crippled the dreamer’s will to stand up and perform.

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327 billion were disbursed to them, the number of invalidity pension beneficiaries was 5,660 and amount disbursed to them was Rs245 million while old-age grant was disbursed to 2,231 beneficiaries and amount was 70.
The Origins of Issue Preclusion in the Patent Invalidity Context B.
EOBI has targeted to benefit 29,645 registered workers up to June 2016 for which an additional amount of Rs 7,540 mln was allocated for Old-Age Pension, Survivors Pension, Invalidity Pension and Old-Age Grants.
While Morsa arose in the context of patent prosecution and dealt largely with issues of whether or not a particular press release was enabling, Morsa serves as a potent reminder that press releases can be a potentially valuable tool for developing evidence of patent invalidity in the context of litigation and disputes likely to lead to litigation.
Compounding the risk of permanent injunctions, the rules as written permit bifurcation of invalidity and infringement determinations, such that an infringement decision and permanent injunction could issue on a patent that is later determined to be invalid.
As everybody knows from the traditional account of validity/invalidity, an attribution of invalidity to a given argument form does not rule out the possibility that one of its instances has true premises and true conclusion.
Invalidity benefit figures for Middlesbrough, Stockton and Redcar are apparently higher than jobseekers' allowance figures.
According to Vicon this decision in part confirms its position on invalidity of the asserted claims.
As a general rule, where a person is entitled to invalidity benefits from more than one member state, each member state independently assesses the degree of invalidity (Article 46 of the regulation).
On the surface this seems to have merit, but its invalidity stems from the fundamental problem with AVEs: There is no scientific evidence that an article and an ad have similar effects on your target audience.
The court found that the plaintiff's civil conspiracy and equal protection claims were barred because they implied the invalidity of his commitment.
So saying, since mirror-image couples are physiologically "unequipped" to consummate, so must pervert, ought not this severe impediment, of and by its nature, constitute the same invalidity, particularly in the case of a religious ceremony?