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1. Pathol the spread of cancer from its point of origin into surrounding tissues
2. Ecology the movement of plants to a new area or to an area to which they are not native
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(infestation), the infection of man, animals, and plants by animal parasites.

Invasion may be active, as when a parasite attacks or penetrates the body of the host through injured or intact skin, or passive, brought into the body with water or food.

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The movement of one material into a porous reservoir area that has been occupied by another material.
The phase of an infectious disease during which the pathogen multiplies and is distributed; precedes signs and symptoms.
The process by which microorganisms enter the body.
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It has been reported that MNE was comparable with MCE in estimating the invasion depth of early colorectal cancer, but there was greater interobserver variability using MNE [28].
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The court concluded that Liberty's Private Advantage policy's broad exclusion barring coverage for claims "arising out of" an actual or alleged invasion of privacy precluded coverage for iCan entirely.
Accurate staging of cervical carcinoma is essential for patient selection and planning management.6 The most important factor in staging cervical cancer and treatment planning is presence or absence of parametrial invasion which can significantly affect surgical outcome.7,8
The study is considered to be the first estimate of global shipping traffic change over time, and the consequences it could have on biological invasions. Other work in invasion ecology has modelled shipping traffic as constant, despite all historical evidence being to the contrary.