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(also saccharase, (β-fructofuranosidase), an enzyme of the hydrolase class, contained in plants, microorganisms, and the digestive juices of animals. It catalyzes the splitting of the β-fructofuranose radical from oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, and it catalyzes the conversion of sucrose into glucose and fructose. The latter reaction is called inversion. The name “invertase” derives from the circumstance that the reaction is accompanied by a change in the sign of optical rotation, with D-sucrose converting to invert sugar, a mixture of L-glucose and L-fructose. Invertase is especially active in yeast, from which it is extracted in the form of refined enzyme preparations. It also effects the transfer of the fructofuranose radical in-certain cases.

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Some activities such as [beta]-glucosidase, invertase and dehydrogenase seemed to reveal a threshold for the addition of high quantities of organic matter.
Starch may be produced from sucrose (an abundant component of any in vitro plant culture media), where sucrose synthase and invertase may play important roles (SCHAFFER; PETREIKOV, 1997).
Invertase activity in the supernatant was assayed by the method of Sumner and Howell (Sumner and Howell, 1935) based on DNS method for reducing sugar determination.
Because yeast use levels of glucose, not sucrose, as a way to control how much invertase is produced, colonies of purely enzyme-producing yeast make a lot of invertase and quickly burn through their food supply, ultimately limiting growth.
Dogan, "Immobilization of Invertase within Calcium Alginate Gel Capsules," Proc.
7], Plant-derived fibers and crop derivatives of lignocellulosic composition have been reported to be good biodegradable reinforcing fillers [8-10], Therefore, we hypothesized that the biopolymers of the banana peels might be useful as a filler and reinforcing material [11], During banana ripening, the starch reserve rapidly transforms into sucrose and is further converted into glucose and fructose by the activities of amylase, glycosidase, phosphorylase, sucrose synthase, and invertase [12, 13], Thus, for starch production, it is necessary to process the bananas while they are unripe.
2009h), however, found that SOC and TN contents, cation exchange capacity (CEC), and alkaline phosphatase and invertase activities in black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) forest were higher in the soils of gully bottoms than in those from sloping land.
In this method, samples (containing sucrose) were first hydrolyzed by invertase to form reducing monosaccharides.
Michaelis and Menten focused on the enzyme invertase, which helps break down sucrose, ordinary table sugar.
A high content of this sugar means most of the time, an early harvest of the honey, that is, a product in which the sucrose has not been fully transformed into glucose and fructose by the action of invertase.
Researchers at Auburn University found that dehydrated model systems containing sucrose and invertase revealed this to be the case.