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in criminal procedure, the elucidation of those circumstances of a criminal case necessary for arriving at the correct decision. Soviet law distinguishes between preliminary and judicial investigation.

Preliminary investigation, a basic form of inquiry, is an important stage in a criminal case. Begun after the initiation of the criminal case, it includes investigatory actions for the purpose of collecting and verifying evidence, presentation of the charges, the selection of a measure of restraint, actions to protect the legal interests of the accused, the victim, the plaintiff, and other participants in the trial, and actions to remove the causes and conditions contributing to the crime. The preliminary investigation comes to an end, within a period established by law, with the drawing up of a bill of indictment or a decree on termination of the case (see also).

Judicial investigation is a stage in the trial, during which a court of the first instance, in formal judicial session, makes a direct investigation of the evidence; that is, it verifies the evidence gathered in the preliminary investigation and inquiry and gathers and verifies additional evidence. Judicial investigation is autonomous; it is a multifaceted and objective analysis—with direct, open, and oral proceedings and equal procedural rights for all participants in the trial—of all the case’s circumstances significant for arriving at a just and legal decision.


A process conducted for the purpose of accident prevention which includes the gathering and analysis of information, the drawing of conclusions, including the determination of causes and, when appropriate, the making of safety recommendations (ICAO).
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The President said while he could not initiate a prosecution of Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales because she was 'immune,' there was nothing that could stop him from investigating her office's other officials and employees.
Because investigating fraud can be adversarial, make sure you are adequately insured against lawsuits," she advises.
Lee argues that it would have been better to have had Indian agents investigating the murder on the reservation since it would have been easier for them to collect evidence and get witnesses to talk.
When investigating fluctuations, the auditor should consider their likely causes and then test to determine the plausibility of those causes.
The typical way that information of this sort is handled by the vengeful bureaucracy,' Fitzgerald told the congressional committee investigating the Hnatio affair, "is to quietly go .
Gierran defended the NBI's performance, saying that the agency is just investigating the cases filed before their offices and it is the Philippine National Police's duty to investigate the regularity of the police operations in all of the cases.
Los Angeles police are investigating the murders of two women over the holiday weekend.
We explored the cardiac effects of occupational exposure to six metals by investigating alterations in cardiac autonomic function using an ambulatory electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor.
Investigating White-Collar Crime: Embezzlement and Financial Fraud meets all of these requirements.
The report was prompted by rumors of discontent within thebranch as well as the claims by an outside research group of unnecessary delay in publishing results from a collaboration investigating the ability of a spermicide to prevent AIDS transmission.
Sometimes, while investigating a child's death, Carrier would call his wife at their Long Beach home to make sure their two young children were safe, said his wife, Nancy Jo.

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