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in criminal procedure, the elucidation of those circumstances of a criminal case necessary for arriving at the correct decision. Soviet law distinguishes between preliminary and judicial investigation.

Preliminary investigation, a basic form of inquiry, is an important stage in a criminal case. Begun after the initiation of the criminal case, it includes investigatory actions for the purpose of collecting and verifying evidence, presentation of the charges, the selection of a measure of restraint, actions to protect the legal interests of the accused, the victim, the plaintiff, and other participants in the trial, and actions to remove the causes and conditions contributing to the crime. The preliminary investigation comes to an end, within a period established by law, with the drawing up of a bill of indictment or a decree on termination of the case (see also).

Judicial investigation is a stage in the trial, during which a court of the first instance, in formal judicial session, makes a direct investigation of the evidence; that is, it verifies the evidence gathered in the preliminary investigation and inquiry and gathers and verifies additional evidence. Judicial investigation is autonomous; it is a multifaceted and objective analysis—with direct, open, and oral proceedings and equal procedural rights for all participants in the trial—of all the case’s circumstances significant for arriving at a just and legal decision.


A process conducted for the purpose of accident prevention which includes the gathering and analysis of information, the drawing of conclusions, including the determination of causes and, when appropriate, the making of safety recommendations (ICAO).
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During this time, I've found that there are 10 rules CPAs should follow when dealing with a criminal investigation.
coli O157:H7 isolates prompted a large, multistate epidemiologic investigation.
Forensic investigators also assist companies with corporate investigations either required by a regulatory agency or separately by the board of directors"
At every turn in the process--the course of the investigation, the Wells-type submission, the administrative hearing, any appeal--the accounting firm will need to address both the merits of the particular situation and the firm's compliance history.
The subjects of this investigation were drawn from the fourth-, fifth- and sixth- grade populations of a rural elementary school.
If a corporation maintains a poor records management program and is unable to retrieve records pertinent to an investigation, then records managers or executives could be fined or incarcerated.
Such a connection was found for instance by Faraday in his investigation of the degree of dissociation of different chemical species by a galvanic current.
The Tax Court disagreed, finding that the commencement of a criminal tax investigation of a partner does not necessarily or immediately interfere with the effective and efficient enforcement of the tax laws and require the treatment of partnership items as nonpartnership items in every situation.
Attorney's Office in Tampa was continuing its investigation of BCCI, a Federal Reserve official met with attorneys from that office, offered the assistance of examiners, and indicated that the Federal Reserve wished to obtain information on the investigation when completed.
Finally, the victims in these cases often are reluctant to report their victimization and even more hesitant to follow a long, protracted investigation and subsequent trial.
One of the major mechanisms a corporation can use to demonstrate its cooperation, and hence avoid indictment or SEC charges, is to conduct an internal investigation that uncovers wrongdoing and provides that information to the government.

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