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1. Economics of or relating to services rather than goods in relation to the invisible balance
2. Economics an invisible item of trade; service
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What does it mean when you dream about being invisible?

Invisibility is a natural symbol of the unconscious mind. Also, something that is forgotten. Hidden influences.

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It speaks to the ridiculousness of this clothing in context to real situations but it also speaks to the invisibleness that the clothing creates by removing the wearers of the clothing from certain public places; as though Muslims only exist in a certain context which is actually a self-inflicted stereotype.
Enigmatiques offers a long, loosely constituted suite of untitled and unrhymed free-verse poems centered upon the presence of things and self, their intrinsic mystery and meaning, their coming to language via a process that, as Jacques Garelli has recently reminded us (in L'entree en demesure, 1995), is never really descriptive but related rather to elliptical symbolization of what Bancquart terms "a silken/patient invisibleness" at the heart of all phenomena.
Apart from Conde's incentive to write a novel about a woman from the Caribbean, some of the pre-texts for her selection of Tituba's story were the Barbadian woman's invisibleness in the annals of history (in this case, American history) and her minor role in fictional accounts of the Salem trials.(2) Tituba's prise de parole in a first person narrative and her centerstage position additionally emphasize her story as a counter-narrative to western historical perpectives on oppressed and colonized peoples.