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1. a prayer asking God for help, forgiveness, etc., esp as part of a religious service
2. an appeal for inspiration and guidance from a Muse or deity at the beginning of a poem
a. the act of summoning a spirit or demon from another world by ritual incantation or magic
b. the incantation used in this act
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

An invocation differs from an evocation in that the former is a Witch's invitation to the deities to appear in the magic circle, or to lend power for magical work, while the latter is a Ceremonial Magician's command to spirits/entities to appear in a confining triangle. The evocation is, by its nature, extremely dangerous, while there is no danger in the invocation.

An invocation should be delivered boldly yet lovingly. It seems to be especially potent when delivered in poetic form, rather than prose, yet both can be effective. Generally, in magic, that which is rhythmic—whether or not it actually rhymes—is the most effective.

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Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit April 19 upheld rules promulgated by the House that effectively bar Dan Barker, a former Christian minister turned atheist, from delivering an invocation.
In 2016, the Assembly adopted a "first come, first served" practice, in order to expand the pool of invocation speakers.
Antonio Spadaro denounced the use of the rosary and the invocation of God for political campaigning.
The vote came months after Ozog and other Democrats called for a discontinuation of the invocation.
The statement maintained that 'the call has become imperative bearing in mind that as Muslims, supplications to Allah, the Almighty, is the nucleus of worship, and there is nothing that is dearer to Allah than invocation.
The boys sang the Philippine anthem 'Lupang Hinirang' and 'Sino Ako' for the invocation, performances that have drawn mixed reviews from netizens.
Indian private sector lender Yes Bank (532648.BO) (YESBANK.NS) (OOTC: YESBF) has acquired a 17.31 percent stake in Fortis Healthcare pursuant to invocation of nearly 90 million pledged shares last month, Deccan Herald has reported citing a regulatory filing from the bank.
PESHAWAR -- Speakers at two-day national workshop on 'Invocation in technology' here Thursday underscored the need for bringing innovation in technologies in engineering disciplines in order to promote research for rapid progress in socio-economic and industrial development.
The cataphatic way is both invocation and incarnation.
These web service and API prediction systems assume that all user-service invocation records are collected and the trained model will not change with the accumulation of new QoS value arriving to the system.
The piece was not entirely focused on Day, however, but on a Floridian lawyer name David Levin who was inspired to promote a Jewish driver on the racing circuit after he heard Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson give an invocation before a race at Texas Motor Speedway, during which the reality TV actor publicly prayed for "a Jesus man in the White House."
The present disclosures pertains to invocation of the pledge by the pledgee on March 17," it added.