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1. a prayer asking God for help, forgiveness, etc., esp as part of a religious service
2. an appeal for inspiration and guidance from a Muse or deity at the beginning of a poem
a. the act of summoning a spirit or demon from another world by ritual incantation or magic
b. the incantation used in this act


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

An invocation differs from an evocation in that the former is a Witch's invitation to the deities to appear in the magic circle, or to lend power for magical work, while the latter is a Ceremonial Magician's command to spirits/entities to appear in a confining triangle. The evocation is, by its nature, extremely dangerous, while there is no danger in the invocation.

An invocation should be delivered boldly yet lovingly. It seems to be especially potent when delivered in poetic form, rather than prose, yet both can be effective. Generally, in magic, that which is rhythmic—whether or not it actually rhymes—is the most effective.

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Yes Bank has acquired 8,97,81,906 equity shares having nominal value of Rs 10 per share of the company pursuant to invocation of pledge on the said equity shares subsequent to default by promoter group companies in the credit facility provided by the bank,' Fortis Healthcare said.
Among other challenges that necessitated the invocation of Section 139 (1) (b) of the Constitution, according to the MEC, included governance challenges where Portfolio Committees, Municipal Public Accounts Committees and Audit Committees are not meeting or functioning as required by law.
president, Golden Crescent Consortium of Peace Builders and Affiliates, to lambast DepEd and CHED officials here for "ordering" the change of the practice in all school programs and activities, that is, the national anthem was sung first, and invocation came second, which is contrary to the Constitution and Republic Act 8491 (the Flag & Heraldic Code of the Philippines).
Meanwhile, aerospace engineer and North Alabama Freethought Association board member Kelly McCauley delivered an invocation at the opening of the September 25 Huntsville City Council meeting.
An atheist cited the freedoms promoted by the Founding Fathers as he delivered the opening invocation Tuesday at a town meeting in a community whose leaders won a U.
And while she may invoke her right against self-incrimination when she appears and testifies before the Senate blue ribbon committee on Thursday, Senator Francis "Chiz" Escudero said Napoles might still be cited in contempt if the committee disagrees with the invocation of such right.
9) In Berghuis, the Court held that such silence is not an invocation of the right because it is not "unambiguous.
Thompkins, which was decided on June 1, 2010, and shines new light on issues surrounding both the invocation and waiver of the Miranda right to remain silent.
Nevada, July 21 (ANI): City of Phoenix, fifth most populated city of USA, has appreciated acclaimed Hindu leader Rajan Zed's invocation from ancient Sanskrit scriptures opening the City Council meeting on July seven, reportedly for the first time since it was incorporated in 1881.
Java's Remote Method Invocation (JRMI) mechanism [1] is an example of Standardized communications protocol that provides a limited set of optimizations.
Though a plan adopted in September calls for the invocation leaders to be selected randomly, most have been representatives of the city's predominant Christian community, angering many in a town whose residents include Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists as well as nonbelievers.