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1. a prayer asking God for help, forgiveness, etc., esp as part of a religious service
2. an appeal for inspiration and guidance from a Muse or deity at the beginning of a poem
a. the act of summoning a spirit or demon from another world by ritual incantation or magic
b. the incantation used in this act


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

An invocation differs from an evocation in that the former is a Witch's invitation to the deities to appear in the magic circle, or to lend power for magical work, while the latter is a Ceremonial Magician's command to spirits/entities to appear in a confining triangle. The evocation is, by its nature, extremely dangerous, while there is no danger in the invocation.

An invocation should be delivered boldly yet lovingly. It seems to be especially potent when delivered in poetic form, rather than prose, yet both can be effective. Generally, in magic, that which is rhythmic—whether or not it actually rhymes—is the most effective.

References in classic literature ?
Bax, who had inspired him to write three of the most superb lines in English literature, an invocation to the Deity.
I fancy, also, that I must by this time have read the Odyssey, for the "Battle of the Frogs and Mice" was in the second volume, and it took me so much that I paid it the tribute of a bald imitation in a mock-heroic epic of a cat fight, studied from the cat fights in our back yard, with the wonted invocation to the Muse, and the machinery of partisan gods and goddesses.
Then the priestess, standing above him, began reciting what Tarzan took to be an invocation, the while she slowly raised her thin, sharp knife aloft.
The Figure, in an attitude of invocation, raised its hand and said:
The poem closes with an invocation of the Muses to sing of the `tribe of women'.
said the man, whistling the sailor's invocation to the wind softly between his teeth.
Lord Shaftesbury observes, that nothing is more cold than the invocation of a muse by a modern; he might have added, that nothing can be more absurd.
Among the more than 150 invocations in the last five years, almost all were given by ordained Christian clergy.
In March 2013, three Rowan County residents, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit, objecting to the invocations.
Ancient Sufi Invocations & Forgotten Songs from Aleppo
Of the 2,412 people who responded, 67% said, "Yes, atheists should be allowed to give invocations before government meetings.
Town supervisor William Reilich said Monday a variety of views have been represented during invocations, citing the instance of a pagan Wiccan for one.