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The 6470 features an ion detector with a high-energy conversion dynode and low nose characteristics, promoting more efficient positive and negative ion detection and mass range; and powerful MassHunter data handling software, including triggered MRM, which helps increase analytical confidence.
The major components Of a mass spectrometry (MS) system are the inlet, ion source, mass analyzer, ion detector, vacuum system, electronics, and computer.
* Varian--The 920-MS triple quad FTMS takes advantage of their expertise in LC-MS and GC-MS by incorporating a true triple quad MS with its own off-axis ion detector independent of the FT cell in the magnet.
(3) is an explanation of how the physics of the ion detector contributes to the baseline; this is an important first step toward better baseline correction.
The AP200 digitizes and averages the signal from the multi-channel plate ion detector, which creates a flood of electrons each time it is struck by an ion.
The pressure in the ionizer is the same as in the rest of the surrounding vacuum, and also the same as in the quadrupole mass filter and ion detector. OIS gas analyzers have the sensitivity and dynamic range required to detect ppm level contaminants.
How RGAs work A quadrupole mass spectrometer consists of three basic components: an ion source, a mass filter; and an ion detector. As process gases enter the RGA, they become ionized in the ion source by energetic electrons from a heated filament.
In shows like "Ghost Hunters," show hosts wander around with gadgets like Geiger counters, electromagnetic field detectors, ion detectors, infrared cameras and sensitive microphones, none of which have scientifically yielded evidence of ghosts to date.
The South Wales Paranormal Research Team was called in armed with infrared thermometers to monitor temperature changes, electro magnetic field detectors, ultra sound sensors and negative ion detectors.