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, ipecac
1. a low-growing South American rubiaceous shrub, Cephaelis ipecacuanha
2. a drug prepared from the dried roots of this plant, used as a purgative and emetic



(Cephaëlis ipecacuanha ), a small shrub of the family Rubiaceae, growing wild in Brazil’s tropical rainforests and cultivated in the tropics of both hemispheres. The stem length is 15–40 cm and can be as much as 60 cm. The leaves are opposite; the small flowers are gathered into hemispherical heads; and the roots have beadlike bulges. Ipecacuanha roots (and the roots of C. acuminata, which are similar in chemical composition) contain 2–3 percent alkaloids (emetine, cephaeline, and others) and are used in medicine as an expectorant. They are used to make extracts, water and alcohol infusions, and syrups. In small doses they cause thinning and discharge of phlegm; in large doses they act as an emetic.


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ipecacuanha, presenta dificultades en la propagacion por semilla, ya que pierden facilmente su viabilidad despues de la recoleccion, (Chatterjee et al.
On the Ipecacuanha Prendick takes an interest in the animals that are being transported across ports such as Arica and Callao in the South Pacific: "'What are these beasts for?
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ipecacuanha, hay referencias que indican que diversas variedades de raicilla contienen diferentes proporciones de los alcaloides principales.
A NUX Vom 30c or ipecacuanha may help with morning sickness, arnica 30c can ease tiredness or soreness, or take it two weeks prior to delivery to aid healing.
14The medical preparation ipecacuanha is made from roots of plants from which continent?
Ipecac, derived from the ipecacuanha root, itself is a poison that can do more harm than good when improperly given, she said.
A sweet-tasting syrup with sugar, honey and glycerol to soothe irritated throats, plus Ipecacuanha - a natural expectorant to relieve coughs.
Patients with such symptoms needed mild laxatives and stimulants such as quinine, camphor, alcohol, turpentine, and ipecacuanha (in small doses) and astringents (silver nitrate, tannic acid, and lead acetate) to rebuild the patient's energy, arrest discharges, and restore humoral balance.
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If the stool is green and there is accompanying nausea or vomiting, a 30C dose of Ipecacuanha (Brown Ipecac) is the remedy of choice.
In vitro plant regeneration from leaf callus of Cephaelis ipecacuanha A.