ipomoea batatas

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sweet potato

sweet potato

Not related to potato or yam. More nutritious than potato. Color is usually orange, but can also be red, purple, yellow, pink, or even white. Unlike potatoes, which have poisonous leaves, sweet potato leaves are edible. Putting a sweet potato in water on window-sill, will grow edible greens throughout winter for you. They don’t like frost, cold or refrigerators, so store them in warm, dry place. Rich in complex carbs (energy), Protein, fiber(cleans digestive tract, feeds probiotics), magnesium (stress, hormones), vitamin C (antioxidant), B6 and potassium (heart), D (mood), A and carotene (eyes, immunity), iron(white and red blood cells, oxygen), calcium and even helps stabilize blood sugar levels (good for diabetics) despite the word “sweet” in the name. Good for skin collagen, stress, Can be eaten raw, dehydrated into chips, steamed, mashed etc. Leaves make salad.
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Ipomoea batatas (Convolvuloideae) is an annual clonal herb and one of main crops distributed in farmland.
Under the hypothesis that there is agronomic performance variability among Ipomoea batatas accessions growed by farmers, the aim of this study was to rescue and characterize agronomically the accessions collected in traditional communities from Vale do Ribeira, Brazil.
Es por ello que el objetivo planteado en el presente trabajo fue estudiar la dinamica del crecimiento de callos potencialmente embriogenicos de Ipomoea batatas.
Palabras clave: COS, Ipomoea batatas, genes de baja copia, ortologos, ESTs.
Three varieties of the sweet potato vine to try are: ipomoea batatas Blackie - the black-leaved form of the sweet potato vine; ipomoea batatas variegata - the variegated foliage is reminiscent of trailing ivy; ipomoea batatas Sweet Caroline - bronze leaves are the prominent feature of this beauty.
Effect of mulch on weed infestation, soil temperature, nutrient concentration, and tuber yield in Ipomoea batatas (L.
FLOWERS VISITED: Bidens pilosa, Calopogonium coeruleum, Catharanthus roseus, Centrosema virginianum, Ipomoea batatas, Ipomoea setifera, Ipomoea tiliacea, Lagascea mollis, Malachra sp.
Entre los del primer tipo estan los dominados por Canna glauca, Ipomoea batatas, Montrichardia arborescens, Paspalum fasciculatum, Thalia geniculata o Typha angustifolia.
The sweetpotato, Ipomoea batatas, ranks as the seventh-largest food crop in world production.