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For everything you ever wanted to know about irises, you can contact the American Iris Society (www.
Your irises are different from those of everyone else on Earth.
IriScan claims, based on the number of possible iris patterns, that the probability of two irises producing the same code is vanishingly small.
Iridian's ProofPositive(TM) technology enables a simple procedure for capturing and digitally encoding an image of the irises of the expected applicants.
PALMDALE - It's spring, so that means irises with names like Orange Celebrity, Simply Stunning and Stairway to Heaven are blooming in Pat and Bill Van Gorder's yard.
The project, which was initiated in August 2001, involves the enrollment of inmates and expellees' irises from geographically distributed deportation centers throughout the UAE into a central database at the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police.
With names such as haunted house and bewilderbeast, irises offer a great variety in size, shape and color - over 70,000 varieties in the United States and 250,000 worldwide.