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1. Maths
a. not rational
b. (as noun)
2. Prosody in Greek or Latin verse
a. of or relating to a metrical irregularity, usually the occurrence of a long syllable instead of a short one
b. denoting a metrical foot where such an irregularity occurs
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in the most general meaning, that which is beyond the bounds of reason; alogical or nonintellectual; incommensurable with rational thinking or even contradicting it. The irrational is generally contrasted with the rational. The irrational as something inaccessible to rational cognition and inexpressible in logical concepts is one of the basic reference points for a number of idealistic currents, jointly referred to as philosophical irrationalism (for example, intuitionism and voluntarism). In the religious world view the rational is viewed as prerational (spontaneous-chaotic, not shaped by the Logos), as distinguished from both the rational and suprarational (the mystical, given in revelation).

In the theory of knowledge of dialectical materialism the irrational is understood to be something not yet known but knowable in principle.

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Irrational Capital develops investment opportunities based on quantifying the nuanced relationship between employers and employees.
While it would be a waste of time to warn of irrational exuberance in Lebanon at the threshold of what could be a new horizon for the 2020s and beyond, it seems most appropriate and prudent to regard the risks of irrationally negative expectations.
As with irrational beliefs, self-esteem has been reported to be correlated with a variety of psychological distress outcomes, including depression (e.g., Abela, 2002) and anxiety (Lohr & Bonge, 1981).
This theory helps clients resolve emotional and behavioral problems by changing their irrational beliefs into more rational ones.
And it is also true that, pursuant to 12 NYCRR [section] 442.2(b), "the total accumulated monthly charges shall not exceed the fee amount allowed under the Medicaid fee schedule." However, it was not irrational for the arbitrator to conclude that this l/6th rate applied only to items which had codes listed in the Medicaid fee schedule, which the CPM and CTU at issue here did not.
What is required to resolve this problem is the irrational voter endowed with "intergenerational empathy" and "altruism".
I know of no supporter of VAD who advocates for irrational suicide, yet opponents of VAD in New Zealand constantly use the words "assisted suicide" in a pejorative manner.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -21September 2017: Clerics who issue "irrational" fatwas (decisions or orders made under Islamic law), should be banned from issuing the fatwas, said Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Shiekh Ahmed el-Tayeb in an opinion article for Al-Azhar voice newspaper on Wednesday.
KARACHI -- India's decision to completely seal its border with Pakistan is 'irrational' and would lead to a major setback in bilateral relations, Chinese analysts said.
Responding, Sinclairslaw said WJEC's position was "misguided and irrational" and called on the exam board to make "arrangements to change the claimant's scripts".
FDCs found irrational, FDCs requiring further deliberations.