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Reading An Irrepressible Hope in a public place had me, a Philadelphia Catholic, trying to hide my tears.
It's back for a second nine-week season, fuelled by the irrepressible energy and passion of its host.
I don't know whether the boy he's drawn, standing half-smiling and half-sad and clutching a long white candle beside a votive image of Christ, ever really existed; but I'm sufficiently convinced that this avatar of uncomplicated traditionalism and embryonic hurt is an integral, irrepressible part of Andrew Mania's mental lumber-room.
These oft-abject cave-ins are (ill) begotten in the face of hideous pressure from producers and their irrepressible advocates to accommodate (perceived) demands of clients.
THE irrepressible Simon Edwards defied soggy conditions to win the JJ Cookson Pro-am at Mottram Hall with a four-under-par 68.
The late irrepressible ABE LEMONS on press brochures: "Just once, I'd like to see a picture of one of these guys with the caption, 'He's a dog' underneath it.
If skimmed as a travelogue, the American translation (notably the chapter on Wartime: Japan and Indochina) does convey something of her irrepressible zest for life.
Revolving around the friendship between the quiet, thoughtful Craig (Kyte) and his irrepressible best friend, Wade (Ellis), White Out explores themes of death, grief and guilt in subtle, surprising ways.
But the reversal was swift and gave testament to the irrepressible will of black families and civil rights activists.
The irrepressible lyricists whose songs grace the anthologies are almost silent here.
Few people in otolaryngology--or in any field--have been blessed with the perpetual youth, driving curiosity, and irrepressible enthusiasm that typified Jack Pulec.
Yet we also want to shift gears and look sideways, to get inspired by artistic work that amuses, engages, and captures people of color in all their irrepressible wholeness--not just as the targets of this or that oppression.