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Clausius Equation on the Cosmical Apparent Horizon for an Isochoric Process.
Liu, "Density and isochoric formulae for NaCl-[H.sub.2]O inclusions with medium and high salinity and their applications," Geological Review, vol.
The values of the parameters characterizing the two-stage ignition phenomenon were obtained in Cantera/Matlab simulations of an isochoric adiabatic homogeneous reactor with the detailed mechanism already brought up in the previous section.
Pupillary refex was bilateral negative and the pupils were isochoric. Respiratory system examination revealed bilateral crepitant rales.
where the upper limits of integration are given by the ratios, [x.sub.D] (T) = [[THETA].sub.D] (T)/T, of adjustable Debye temperatures versus the respective lattice temperatures and [C.sub.Vh] ([infinity]) represents the familiar Dulong-Petit limiting value for the isochoric lattice heat capacity in harmonic approximation (i.e., in particular [C.sub.Vh] ([infinity]) = 6R, for binary materials).
At the physical examination, the patient presented a regular status with confusion, isochoric and photoreactive pupils, and no signs of meningeal irritation, but a loss of force in the left leg.
The method of determination of calorific value relies on temperature measurement during the isochoric transformation.
Her pupils were isochoric and myotic, the light reflex was bilaterally positive.
In case of isothermal and isochoric process, an extra condition exists in the form of T ,V = (constant).
In these equations the temperature dependency of the specific isochoric heat capacity is neglected.
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