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, isochronous
occurring at equal time intervals; having a uniform period of vibration or oscillation
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Having a fixed frequency or period.
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/i:-sok'rn-*s/ A form of multiplexing that guarantees to provide a certain minimum data rate, as required for time-dependent data such as video or audio.

Isochronous transmission transmits asynchronous data over a synchronous data link so that individual characters are only separated by a whole number of bit-length intervals. This is in contrast to asynchronous transmission, in which the characters may be separated by arbitrary intervals, and with synchronous transmission An isochronous message protocol assigns each data source a fixed amount of time to transmit (its "slot") within each cycle through the sources. That guarantees that each source will have regular opportunities to transmit the latest information. If a source has no more data to transmit, then the rest of its time slot is wasted. If it has more to send than will fit in its slot, it has to either store the excess data and transmit it in its next slot, or discard it.

Note that whether messages are isochronous or asynchronous is independent of whether the transmision of individual bits is synchronous or asynchronous.

Isochronous communication suits applications where a steady data stream is more important than completeness and accuracy, e.g. video conferencing.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode and High Performance Serial Bus can provide isochronous service.

Compare: plesiochronous.

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Time dependent. Real-time voice, video and telemetry are examples of isochronous data.
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Most brainwave therapeutic sessions today consist of isochronic tones and flashing light sensations.
Imre Szeman, building on work by Paul Smith and Johannes Fabian, has identified a similar phenomenon in the tendency of globalization discourse to promote "an image of a world that is isochronic, a world in which everything happens at the same time and thus in which the problems and contradictions produced by an earlier, imperialist capitalism are done away with just as surely as are the limitations of time and space" (191-92).
With the isochronic effect that is presented by the whole and the piece, the audience is invited to contemplate time and to invoke their imaginations.
It should be remembered once again, that the lithologic or tectonic limits never correspond exactly to isochronic lines.
Once "mayst" has been granted emphasis, "love" becomes a yet more likely contender for stress, not only because of the linguistic or, more precisely, the articulatory and isochronic convenience of alternating stress levels between nuclear stresses but also because of the relational correspondence between "mayst" and "love," both of which engage the category distinction of "true" affection (in ways that are further informed by the discussion of the word "love" given above).
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[...] To the extent that such verse cannot be simultaneously interpreted as having four isochronic beats to the line, then it is probably difficult and unnatural, and requires special study to be appreciated.
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