Isocitric Acid

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isocitric acid

[¦ī·sə¦si·trik ′as·əd]
HOOCCH2CH(COOH)CH(OH)COOH An isomer of citric acid that is involved in the Krebs tricarboxylic acid cycle in bacteria and plants.

Isocitric Acid


an organic tricarboxylic acid; one of the intermediate substrates of the tricarboxylic acid cycle.

Isocitric acid forms in an organism from citric acid and cisaconitic acid as a result of enzymatic conversion. With involvement of the enzyme isocitrate dehydrogenase, isocitric acid is converted, through oxalosuccinic acid, to α-ketoglutaric acid. With the aid of the enzyme isocitratelyase in the glyoxalate cycle, isocitric acid decomposes to succinic and glyoxylic acids.