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Although movement-sensing joysticks (MSJs) are the current standard for most EPW users, researchers at the Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have developed a newly designed isometric joystick (IJ) that has performed as well as conventional MSJs in both virtual and real driving tasks [13-19] (Figure 1).
Comparison of virtual and real electric powered wheelchair driving using a position sensing joystick and an isometric joystick.
Abbreviations: EPW = electric-powered wheelchair, HERL = Human Engineering Research Laboratories, IJ = isometric joystick, MS = multiple sclerosis, MSJ = movement-sensing joystick, PD = Parkinson disease, RMSE = root-mean-square error, WFLC = Weighted-Frequency Fourier Linear Combiner.
IJ = isometric joystick, MSJ = movement-sensing joystick, SD = standard deviation.
Analysis of position and isometric joysticks for powered wheelchair driving.
The color Z-LITE features the enhanced J-Mouse integrated pointing device which enables users to point and click using an isometric joystick embodied in the J-Key and F-Key/space bar.
J-Mouse: The Z-STAR 433VL features the innovative J-Mouse, which allows users to position and leave their fingers naturally placed on the keyboard home row while using an isometric joystick contained in the "J" key to guide cursor movement.