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One of two or more atoms which display a constant difference A - Z between their mass number A and their atomic number Z. Thus, despite differences in the total number of nuclear constituents, the numbers of neutrons in the nuclei of isotones are the same. The numbers of naturally occurring isotones provide useful evidence concerning the stability of particular neutron configurations. For example, the relatively large number (six and seven, respectively) of naturally occurring 50- and 82-neutron isotones suggests that these nuclear configurations are especially stable. On the other hand, from the fact that most atoms with odd numbers of neutrons are anisotonic, one may conclude that odd-neutron configurations are relatively unstable. See Nuclear structure

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(nuclear physics)
One of several nuclides having the same number of neutrons in their nuclei but differing in the number of protons.
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Para a regressao isotonica com pesos iguais, utilizou-se a funcao isoreg do pacote isotone, e, para a ponderada, ou seja, com pesos diferentes, utilizou-se a funcao cirpava do pacote cir (R DEVELOPMENT CORE TEAM, 2010).
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The accurate dosing of two dispensers from Rieke Packaging Systems Englass were key to their selection by leading Swiss sports nutrition manufacturer WinForce for the dispensing of its "all natural" isotonic drink Isotone, Isotone--available in pomegranate-lime and lemon-juniper flavours--contains no additives, such as stabilisers, preservatives or sweeteners.
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2.2 Definition A set of possible worlds, seen as a function f: [2.sup.n][right arrow]2, is called positive or isotone if f preserves the order.
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