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(ÿ-sot -rŏ-pee) The property by which all directions appear indistinguishable to an observer expanding with the Universe. Isotropy about every point in space implies homogeneity but the reverse is not necessarily true. See cosmological principle.



identity of the physical properties of a medium in all directions (the opposite of anisotropy).

All gases, liquids, and solids are isotropic in the amorphous state in all physical properties. Most physical properties in crystals are anisotropic. However, the isotropy of the properties of a crystal increases with increasing symmetry. Thus, the elasticity, strength, and electro-optical properties are anisotropic in highly symmetrical crystals (diamond, germanium, and rock salt), but the index of refraction, electrical conductivity, and coefficient of thermal expansion are isotropic (in less symmetrical crystals, these properties are likewise anisotropic).

Homogeneous polycrystals are usually isotropic with respect to all properties, if their properties are studied in a volume that is considerably larger than the grain size.



The quality of a property which does not depend on the direction along which it is measured, or of a medium or entity whose properties do not depend on the direction along which they are measured.
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This might be caused by the fact that HGB were isotropy, and CNTs could be well- dispersed in the matrix when they employed HGB as the carrier.
A Galerkin finite element method was developed to solve the action potential of a cardiac tissue using the monodomain model which coupled with the modified FitzHugh-Nagumo (FHN) model on a general domain with equal isotropy and no fiber orientation.
More important, however, is the question of isotropy (or anisotropy).
This theory is sill accepted by most cosmologists today to describe cosmological principles such as the homogeneity and isotropy of the universe.
As discussed briefly in an announcement of a recently commissioned large reverberation chamber at Elite Electronic Engineering, isotropy describes the equal interaction of the field with the EUT from all directions.
Factors influencing the accuracy of AE source locations are wave arrival time determination, arrangement of sensor positions, wave velocity and isotropy, signal attenuation and reflection, and transducer size and configuration.
This is obvious to be isotropy and cannot accurately represent the edge directions.
Anisotropy is the property of being directionally dependent, as opposed to isotropy, which implies homogeneity in all directions.
The issue of radiation exposure in multi-slice spiral CT is beyond the scope of this letter, but the question should be posed in principle: Under which conditions is the enhanced X-ray exposure caused by crossings of beam trajectories with repeated exposure of the same tissue areas compensated by the advantages of multi-slice spiral CT, such as isotropy and high resolution volumetric data?
Isotropy and Tc are increased and leveled (made more uniform), indicating potential for faster and more consistent productivity while reducing warpage.
Given a non-isotropic context space, the variation degree of the space isotropy [[Delta].