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The site also features MyOpSus, CloudWave's secure customer portal for CloudCare support, change requests, issue tracking, and real-time performance reporting,
Her previous background as a public affairs consultant involved public policy analysis, issue tracking, and corporate and campaign communications.
Manuscript was launched by Fog Creek Software in 2001 as FogBugz and pioneered issue tracking. It was later enhanced with the addition of Kiln.
Issue tracking and management has been integrated into Intelligent Gaming's current system services organization.
Revizto is a real-time, 3D model based issue tracking software for AEC teams with a focus on collaboration and B
TrackDuck is a visual feedback and issue tracking solution for web development.
"Regardless of whether you work in a 3D model or 2D documents, you can interact with others using Revizto 4.0's smart issue tracking functionality," said Arman Gukasyan, CEO and founder of Revizto.
Its workflow tools help you boost productivity and control everyday business critical processes such as document reviewing and approval, issue tracking and reporting.
CollabNet SourceForge Enterprise integrates software configuration management, issue tracking, project management, and collaboration tools into a single Web-browser based ALM platform that empowers distributed teams to deliver great software.
He installed TeamSupport's Enterprise Edition with Advanced Customer Portal, Issue Tracking, Customer Chat, and Product sections late last year.