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for printing, was invented in China (c.1040), using woodblocks. Related devices, such as seals and stamps for making impressions in clay, had been used in ancient times in Babylon and elsewhere.
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(also cursive; see [2] below).

(1) A type style characterized by a slant to the right that is similar to that of handwriting; it is intended to emphasize parts of a text. Italics may be lightface or semibold. A word to be set in italic type is underlined with a wavy line. [This is the Soviet and European convention; in the USA a straight line is used.] This sentence is set in italic type.

(2) The cursive script of Latin and Greek writing, which arose as a result of the desire for speed and convenience of writing without lifting the pen; from this came letters that slope to the right and are joined in a single, continuous motion. The oldest cursive writing dates to the first or second century A.D.; it was widely used, beginning in the ninth century, in Greek and Byzantine writing for formal, diplomatic, and commercial correspondence.

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The rest of the italicized words from this verse appear in some form or another in relatively close proximity in the dance scene in chapter 6:
(11) In contrast, the writing in the italicized sections is devoid of such rhetoric and much more consistent with the idiosyncratic style that McCarthy perfected in his previous novels.
The areas where you see italicized text should remain blank until you or your students fill in the information.
"At the piano you are a major sound," she writes; yet at news conferences, Condeleezza and the sounds she creates are "guillotined/ & gutted, prepared, handled, neatly trussed ..." Throughout this series, Finney continues to draw discordant parallels between past and present events, evoking an italicized voice to clarify details.
Most of the chapters contain italicized lists of key issues and advice for each of the stated topics.
Analyzes narrative counterfactuals in "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" examining these unrealized scenarios in three distinct storytelling modes: the dialogue and focalization representing the narrative present set in Africa, the italicized vignettes representing the main character's thoughts, and the two endings representing a false rescue and the protagonist's death.
Composed of two dialogic voices--one italicized, recursive, and employing a plural voice; the other singular but inhabited by ghostly echoes from the past--the poem evokes the always "complex fate" of being an American.
If you were convinced by my article, incidentally, then you may wish to know which were the 10 AFL franchises (non-original ones italicized).
for ages." I've italicized lines where, to my ear, the music intensifies:
When a new issue of Science World arrives, I have my students scan the entire issue and write down all of the italicized vocabulary words with Greek or Latin roots.
of the underworld dust of the earth italicized and ranged etc
Readability has been improved with bolded and italicized text to call attention to warnings, contraindications, and key words.