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10th letter of the alphabetalphabet
[Gr. alpha-beta, like Eng. ABC], system of writing, theoretically having a one-for-one relation between character (or letter) and phoneme (see phonetics). Few alphabets have achieved the ideal exactness.
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, a Western European medieval development of I, with which it was formerly quite interchangeable in writing. It is pronounced as a consonant in English and often as a y in other languages, as in the Hebrew hallelujah.




A unit of energy or work; equals the work done by a force of 1 newton which acts over a distance of 1 metre in the direction of the force.


A derivative and redesign of APL with added features and control structures. J is purely functional with lexical scope and more conventional control structures, plus several new concepts such as function rank and function arrays. J was designed and developed by Kennneth E. Iverson and Roger Hui <hui@yrloc.ipsa.reuter.com>. J uses only the ASCII character set but has a spelling scheme that retains the advantages of APL's special alphabet. J is a conventional procedural programming language but can be used as a purely functional language.

Version 4.1 for MS-DOS, Sun, Mac, Archimedes. Source available in C from Iverson Software, +1 (416) 925 6096.

Version 6 package from ISI includes an interpreter and tutorial. Ported to DEC, NeXT, SGI, Sun-3, Sun-4, Vax, RS/6000, MIPS, Macintosh, Acorn Archimedes, IBM PC, Atari, 3b1, Amiga.


J-mode GNU Emacs macros available by ftp://think.com/pub/j/gmacs/j-interaction-mode.el.

["APL\?", Roger K.W. Hui et al, APL90 Conf Proc, Quote Quad 20(4):192-200].


A high-level mathematical programming language developed by Kenneth Iverson, the author of APL. J is the successor to APL and runs on a variety of platforms, including DOS, Windows, OS/2, Unix and the Macintosh. The Windows version can be used as a calculating engine for Visual Basic, in which Visual Basic is used to write the file handling and user interface portions, and J is used to program the math.
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Jean Georges Schwartz, President and CEO of Four J's said of IBM's planned acquisition of Informix, "We are well-positioned to provide Informix customers with a universally adaptable solution -- whether they choose to take a wait-and-see attitude regarding IBM's databases, or whether they actively pursue new migration solutions in response to the recent market shakeout.
Four J's Java Front End communicates directly with a web server, which is located separate from the application server.
Following the publication of J's Tailor & Cleaners' selection for D Magazine (Dallas/Fort Worth)'s The Best Of Big D list, American Registry seconded the honor and added J's Tailor & Cleaners to the "Registry of Business Excellence(TM)".
In 1996, the Service issued a liability notice to the estate of F (who had died), determining that F was personally liable as a fiduciary for the disbursements made from J's estate, under 31 U.
ADS, rebranded and sold by Four J's under the name Genero db, is a high-performance, scalable, relational database for mission-critical applications already being used to manage 900 stores of a Fortune 100 US retailer.
J's office by calling 310-228-3151 to inquire about a free consultation.
Hafez has owned Oskar J's for 15 years and he's attended the Pow Wow each year.
Goodbye, Michael J's Sunday is the last day of business for Michael J's in Sherman Oaks.
The in-store application, developed using Four J's comprehensive Genero development and deployment suite, powers critical store operations.
A final load of grapes from Jewell Vineyard in Sebastopol, destined for J's Russian River Valley Chardonnay, made its way into the winery just as the skies let loose.
Example: J's grandfather died in January 1993, leaving each of his grandchildren 100 shares of Sears stock he had acquired two years earlier.
Sherman Oaks businessman Joseph Hafez, 47, will launch Oskar J's Red Car Trolleys on June 14.