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An event that occurs when a device on a network using the LAT protocol continues to broadcast its availability even though its availability status is known by the network.
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An open standard for instant messaging (IM). There are tens of thousands of Jabber servers on the Internet, most of which are privately run within a company or college campus. There are also hundreds of public Jabber servers that any user can register with, Google Talk being the largest at one time.

The Jabber protocol is XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol), and any client program that supports XMPP can communicate with any other user with an XMPP client, providing the sender is in the recipient's contact list (buddy list). Multi-protocol IM clients support XMPP along with proprietary IM services such as AOL/AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo!; however, an IM account must be opened with each service.

There are numerous open source implementations of Jabber clients and servers, including the original Jabber at www.jabber.org.

Instant Email
Jabber is like email with users communicating from domain to domain. For example, a Jabber server at computerlanguage.com can connect with the Jabber server at gmail.com (Google's IM domain). Jabber also supports access to non-XMPP systems by connecting a "transport" to the Jabber server that provides a gateway to that IM protocol. However, if a public Jabber server with thousands of users employs a gateway, chances are the proprietary IM service will eventually block its IP address, since a huge amount of traffic coming from one IP address is generally not tolerated.

Cisco Jabber
There were commercial implementations of Jabber, the most notable of which was from Jabber, Inc. founded in 2000, soon after Jabber was developed. In 2008, the company was acquired by Cisco, which also offers Jabber desktop videoconferencing. See instant messaging and XMPP.
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To use the Jabber system from the VA side, you need a VA facility that has someone familiar with managing the Jabber system, VA providers who have access to a computer with a camera and the Jabber software program loaded on their computer and time set aside to speak to you.
"Users can now communicate with anyone, anywhere, by using mobile messaging for Cisco Jabber," said Andrew Silver, Chief Technology Officer of Tango Networks.
On top of this, Jabra is the first headset manufacturer to offer on-device call control with the new Cisco Jabber 9.2 for Windows and Cisco VXI 2.7.
The keyboard can manage calls for anyone signed into the Cisco Jabber system, a unified communications software client that provides access to presence, instant messaging and video and voice calls, among other things.
INSPIRED JIBBER JABBER: Sean Lock is bringing his brand new tour to Middlesbrough Town Hall in May
Despite the failure of the Cius, Cisco says it will take what it learned from building the tablet and "double down" on software offerings like Jabber and WebEx, which are services that work on any device.
Jabber and Zahid were also charged with threatening behaviour.
Tunisian Sonia Daggou beat Sudanese Samah Yahi (6-1, 6-1) and Ons Jabber won over Samia Ismail (same score), before Daggou and Jabber beat Yahi and Ismail in doubles (6-0, 6-2).
Cisco plans to integrate Versly software into products such as Cisco Quad, Cisco Jabber and Cisco WebEx.Country: , USASector: Computer SoftwareTarget: Versly Buyer: Cisco Systems IncType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
Karishma, who along with Nouna Jabber were the only two girls from the Dubai club in Paris, won three of the seven tournaments that she participated in.
As part of the goals identified at the summit, enhancing our CWL network by encouraging the use of both the community's SharePoint site and Jabber, the Defense Connect Online (DCO) chat client, was critical.