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common name for members of a family of long-legged wading birds. The storks are related to the herons and ibises and are found in most of the warmer parts of the world.
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(Jabiru mycleria), a bird of the family Ciconiidae, order Ciconiiformes. The jabiru measures approximately 1.5 m in length; the legs, neck, and beak are long. The plumage is black and white. The jabiru is found from Mexico to Argentina. It lives in wet, swampy places and builds large nests, usually in tall palm trees. The bird feeds on fish, amphibians, and mollusks.

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1. a large white tropical American stork, Jabiru mycteria, with a dark naked head and a dark bill
2. a large Australian stork, Xenorhyncus asiaticus, having a white plumage, dark green back and tail, and red legs
3. another name for saddlebill
4. another name for wood ibis
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Further, ERISS once stationed its scientists at Jabiru for active on-site environmental monitoring.
Laguna de Terminos (705.016 ha) Region de tres sistemas Jabiru (Jabiru mycteria), fluvio-lagunares que constituyen gaitan (Mycteria los humedales mas importantes de americana), cocopato Mesoamerica, con 127.000 ha de (Eudocimus albus), garza manglares.
Construction of the town of Jabiru commenced in 1978 and was completed in 1982 by the Jabiru Town Development Authority (JTDA) under s.
The black-necked stork, or jabiru, is a bird normally found in coastal wetlands.
Graham Greary, made a mayday call when his two-seater Jabiru J400 developed engine problems and lost power at about 9.40am yesterday.
At Jabiru, on the urging of her travelling companions, Biddle brokered a sale with a young Anglo-Australian woman working in a shop.
Ollie Jackson, trainer/rider of Colquhoun, and trainer of Ballysicyos and Polar Champ ``Ballysicyos has had two runs and two wins this season, beating Jabiru and Don Royal and they have each won hunter chases since.
Early on a July morning in 1983 I drove with Ruth Lipscomb from Darwin to Jabiru. She was visiting the school there and had offered to take me along.
The canetoads will affect the entire ecology of the Kakadu wetland ecosystem -- the freshwater crocs will go, the snakes, the goannas, the larger fish, the fishing hawks, kookaburras, jabiru and other birds.