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see storkstork,
common name for members of a family of long-legged wading birds. The storks are related to the herons and ibises and are found in most of the warmer parts of the world.
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(Jabiru mycleria), a bird of the family Ciconiidae, order Ciconiiformes. The jabiru measures approximately 1.5 m in length; the legs, neck, and beak are long. The plumage is black and white. The jabiru is found from Mexico to Argentina. It lives in wet, swampy places and builds large nests, usually in tall palm trees. The bird feeds on fish, amphibians, and mollusks.


1. a large white tropical American stork, Jabiru mycteria, with a dark naked head and a dark bill
2. a large Australian stork, Xenorhyncus asiaticus, having a white plumage, dark green back and tail, and red legs
3. another name for saddlebill
4. another name for wood ibis
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Services in Jabiru include a town plaza with standard facilities consisting of a post office, supermarket, cafe, news agent, bank, medical centre, as well as all three emergency services, government departments, Northern Land Council offices, and Magistrate's Court (Explore Australia, 2010).
Surely this is why viewers of Aboriginal art, like the woman at Jabiru, continue to 'ask for story'?
Although the cruise down the billabong takes you through some spectacular scenery and gives you the chance to view jabirus, sea eagles and whistling kites in the wild, it is undoubtedly the crocodiles which everyone comes to see.
The canetoads will affect the entire ecology of the Kakadu wetland ecosystem -- the freshwater crocs will go, the snakes, the goannas, the larger fish, the fishing hawks, kookaburras, jabiru and other birds.
Bird-watchers on horseback searched for savanna hawks and Jabiru storks among the 300 species documented at the ranch.
I want the young people back at home in Jabiru to understand they don't have to f ollow us to jail.
Five children were sleeping in the house in Jabiru, a mining town 125 miles west of the Darwin, when the 5ft animal crashed in shortly after midnight, injuring itself.
0 Jabiru & Cooper Basin (Australia), Sarir (Libya), Nanhai & Xijiang (China), Nigerian Brass & Pennington (Nigeria), Baho (Vietnam), Arabian Superlight & Sahara Blend (Middle East) Exor I Balongan -- 125.
These include a stake in the West Natuna gas project and a stake in Timor Sea's Jabiru and Challis oilfields.
The wetland also boasts some 250 species of birds, including the southern screamer, the long-winged harrier, maguari and jabiru storks and the swallow-tailed kite.
The victim was swimming with friends in a billabong west of Jabiru.
The pair had been heading to Rodez, in the south of France, when the Jabiru 450 twin-seat plane, owned by Andy, nosedived into a field after a suspected explosion near the village of Pierre-Buffiere.