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The jackleg event, for example, tests who can bore deepest into rock using a six-foot hydraulic drill.
On a more constructive note, could I suggest use of generic terms such as 'cabin', 'jackleg cabin', 'portable cabin' or 'modular building' as appropriate."
In the beginning, as well as in the present, these uneducated or "jackleg" exhorters were men of wide experience in the ghetto.
Make way!" A key line spoken often by the title character in The Jackleg Testament, heralds, also, the coming of its creator, Jay Bolotin, a multi-talented artist born in Fayette County, Kentucky, and currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio.
* The partner's insurance company has no business relationship with you and won't look out for your interests if a claim arises (other insurer assigns you a jackleg attorney to save money).
For instance, in its zeal to trim costs, has the insurer saddled you with a jackleg lawyer?
They include a father who is a reformed murderer and jackleg preacher "near eighty" (154) and a mother who is "only about thirty-five" and "hard as beef jerky" (155).
Today, blue-collar workers make up less than 12% of the population, and the skyrocketing cost of housing, combined with the rapid turnover of existing homes, has increased the use of home inspectors, who are quick to detect jackleg work done by the homeowner.
It's a squalid world permeated with arbitrary acts of cruelty, a world redolent of rotten meat, smelly feet and soiled clothes, populated by pickpockets, drug addicts, jackleg preachers, ice-hearted bureaucrats and vicious cops.
It is amazing how jackleg soothsayers can pronounce with great finality over your life.
"My impression is that they're a bunch of jacklegs that come up from Texas and Mississippi." (A jackleg, he explains patiently, is" someone who says he can do anything, but can't do nothing.")
In the end he was Jimmy Jackleg, which is part of the eidos too.