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Brit a game in which players try to pick each spillikin from a heap without moving any of the others



a collection of very small toy objects (plates, ladders, hats, sticks, and others). The game of spillikins consists of removing one toy after another from a pile of toys with a special hook without touching or scattering the remaining objects. In the figurative sense, to play at spillikins means to be occupied with trivialities.

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Opening General Session Entertainment: Jackstraws Full Sail
Here, as often in Jackstraws, Simic's poetic speaker seems to suffer from an advancing case of limited perspective: the multiple implications of what he tells us constantly outdistance his awareness of them, so that the poem works on one level as fable, on another as confession.
CHARLES SIMIC is the author of fourteen collections of poetry, the latest of which is Jackstraws.