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/jag'eez/ (Or "staircase") The "staircase" effect observable when an edge (especially a linear edge of very shallow or steep slope) is rendered on a bitmap display (as opposed to a vector display). The effect is even more pronounced when a bitmap image or text in a bitmap font is enlarged. Outline fonts and anti-aliasing are two techniques used to solve this problem with text.
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(1) See alias.

(2) In computer graphics, aliasing is the stair-stepped appearance of diagonal lines when there are not enough pixels in the image or on screen to represent them realistically. Also called "stair-stepping" and "jaggies." See anti-aliasing.

Low and High Resolutions
A low-resolution image showing the stair-stepping is on the left. The higher-resolution version is on the right.
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You can rotate titles and shapes, apply gradient shading, set transparency, and perform anti-aliasing to eliminate the jaggies. It's easy to adjust any image's brightness, contrast and color balance.
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