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see jelly and jamjelly and jam,
gelatinous, sweet food prepared by preserving fresh fruits. Since most fresh fruits contain about 80% water and from 10% to 15% sugar, they are subject to fermentation. They may be preserved by adding sugar and reducing the water content.
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John and Martin. An interpreted FORTH-like graphics language by John Warnock and Martin Newell, Xerox PARC, 1978. JaM was the forerunner of both Interpress and PostScript. It is mentioned in PostScript Language reference Manual, Adobe Systems, A-W 1985.


A condition on a network where two nodes transmitting simultaneously detect the collision and continue to transmit for a certain time (4 to 6 bytes on Ethernet) to ensure that the collision has been detected by all nodes involved.
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(JYACC Application Manager) An application development system for client/server environments from Prolifics, New York (www.jyacc.com), a JYACC company. It supports Windows, Mac and Motif clients and most Unix servers and VMS. It supports over 20 databases and includes its own database (JDB) for prototyping. JAM/CASE allows CASE information to be moved into JAM. JAM/TPi integrates JAM with the Tuxedo and Encina TP monitors.
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It is well known fact that jamming deliberately decreases the PDR of jammed node.
On the jammed radar display there appears a series of bright spots that are motionless in case of a synchronous clutter, or travel round the display in case of a non-synchronous one.
If partial-band jamming is used against a frequency hopper, some of the hop frequencies are jammed, while others are not.
The receiver is jammed with the frequency of the signal emitted by a transmitter in the location identified as containing a hopper (see Figure 3).
Because GPS receivers are susceptible to jamming, a great number of users can be unintentionally jammed. GPS is a critical system for water navigation (which relies upon GPS augmented by the Coast Guard's differential system), cellular telephone networks (some of which rely upon GPS timing), air traffic (both private and commercial aircraft) and other civilian users (from hunters to hikers to rental cars).
With spot jamming, a receiver is used to identify the signal to be jammed and to tune the jamming generator to the correct frequency.
Second, all jamming depends on the achievement of an adequate J/S ratio, which varies with the square of the distance from the jammer to the receiver being jammed (i.e., the jamming geometry is typically the most powerful consideration controlling jamming effectiveness).