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see jelly and jamjelly and jam,
gelatinous, sweet food prepared by preserving fresh fruits. Since most fresh fruits contain about 80% water and from 10% to 15% sugar, they are subject to fermentation. They may be preserved by adding sugar and reducing the water content.
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John and Martin. An interpreted FORTH-like graphics language by John Warnock and Martin Newell, Xerox PARC, 1978. JaM was the forerunner of both Interpress and PostScript. It is mentioned in PostScript Language reference Manual, Adobe Systems, A-W 1985.


A condition on a network where two nodes transmitting simultaneously detect the collision and continue to transmit for a certain time (4 to 6 bytes on Ethernet) to ensure that the collision has been detected by all nodes involved.


(JYACC Application Manager) An application development system for client/server environments from Prolifics, New York (www.jyacc.com), a JYACC company. It supports Windows, Mac and Motif clients and most Unix servers and VMS. It supports over 20 databases and includes its own database (JDB) for prototyping. JAM/CASE allows CASE information to be moved into JAM. JAM/TPi integrates JAM with the Tuxedo and Encina TP monitors.
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Jam makers from all over North Wales will compete in the first ever jam jamboree at the National Trust's Plas Newydd, Anglesey, next month.
Super Jams, produced by the now 18-year-old's company Doherty's Preserves, has managed to "inject new life into one of the world's oldest foods" according to Tesco's jam and conserves buyer Danielle Pierce.
In contrast, the new technique monitors traffic flow between detector stations, so it can recognize the first signs of a jam within tens of seconds.
hose who have dawdled at the jam shelves of their local supermarket recently may have spotted exhortations by jam producers to "Spread A Smile And Bring Back The Jam Butty".
CHARIE'S RASPBERRY JAM Red raspberry, blackberry and black raspberry rank among Charie MacDonald's all-time favorite jams.
The tapping at the jams is "done to jazz music and emphasizes the dancer as a musician, as opposed to Broadway-style choreography," says Max Pollak of the dance troupe Manhattan Tap.
When drivers call 1-866-MY-TRAFC or request a mobile or desktop alert, they will receive a detailed traffic report that includes a Jam Factor(R) rating (a traffic scale that grades traffic conditions from 0-10 with 10 representing the worst possible traffic conditions); travel and delay times; accident reports; construction delays; and more.
Our alliance with JAMS means that businesses involved in transatlantic disputes can be reassured that wherever their dispute is based they can always gain access to a local mediator of the highest quality," said Karl Mackie, CEDR Chief Executive, "CEDR's approach to quality mirrors that of JAMS and we look forward to working together to develop even more effective dispute resolution for today's global markets.
The new grants are part of the ongoing efforts of the JAMS Foundation to broaden its contribution to the field of ADR and further its commitment to public service.
In commenting on the proposed acquisition, Tim Smucker, chairman of Smucker's, said, "We have great respect for Culinar, its people, and its products, and we are very excited about the opportunity to acquire the jam business.
Additionally, a DVD sweepstakes will be held in over 100 cities nationwide in conjunction with the NBA's Jam Slam event.
I'm proud to be a part of the collaboration with Island/Def Jam and look forward to developing the partnership.