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see Clouet, JeanClouet, Jean
, called Janet
or Jehannet
, c.1485–1540, portrait and miniature painter. He was court painter and valet de chambre to the French king Francis I.
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Pierre Marie F?lix . 1859--1947, French psychologist and neurologist, noted particularly for his work on the origins of hysteria


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He came over one evening recently and sat for an hour on the garden fence, near the front porch where Janet and I were doing fancy-work.
It was very foolish of you," said practical Aunt Janet.
Well, you'd better come in and have some breakfast," said Aunt Janet.
She's child enough still," said Aunt Janet hastily.
It was the Story Girl's idea, but I don't think Aunt Janet would have let us go if Uncle Blair had not pleaded for us.
Grace had said it herself in so many words--she and Lady Janet had never seen each other.
She might, and would, give Lady Janet cause to bless the day when she first entered the house.
com/2018/1/3/16845118/the-good-place-janet-darcy-carden) Racked , Carden said that if she was blessed with a real-life Janet of her own, she would make the sentient database help her shop.
Janet Walmsley is a born-and-raised Manitoban who has lived in Vernon, British Columbia; Yellowknife, Northwest Territories; and Germany; she now lives in Vancouver, B.
Janet was also the recipient of the Order of Ontario and a Member of the Order of Canada.
Surrounded by relatives outside Mold Crown Court, Derek Ierston said: "On January 7, 1976, my niece Janet Commins was brutally killed and raped in Flint, "I vividly recall the events surrounding Janet's death and the misery and desperation her loss caused all the family but in particular, her parents Eileen and Edward (Ted).
He was convicted yesterday of rape, serious sexual assault and the manslaughter of Janet.