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1. a long pointed spear thrown as a weapon or in competitive field events
2. the javelin the event or sport of throwing the javelin



or dart, a small throwing spear. Javelins with points made of stone and bone were already in use as a hunting weapon by the Upper Paleolithic period; these javelins were hurled by means of a spear-thrower. The javelin was especially characteristic of tribes such as the Australians who were not familiar with the bow. Iron javelins were used in ancient Greece and Rome. A type of javelin was widely used in Western Europe and Rus’ (where it was called the sulitsa)during the Middle Ages.

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He added: "The US Government is pleased the Irish Government selected Javelin after conducting its extensive assessment of all systems.
All of these athletes have thrown the javelin - whether the new implement instituted in 1999 or the old one - farther than 166 feet.
About Javelin Strategy & Research: Javelin Strategy & Research provides strategic insights into customer transactions, increasing sustainable profits for financial institutions, government, payments companies, merchants and other technology providers.
Following its global launch at ITM 2016, JAVELIN was received to great acclaim at Febratex, Santa Catarina, Brazil, and will also feature at SGIA (Las Vegas, USA, September), ITMA ASIA (Shanghai, China, October), and ITME Mumbai, India, December).
The combat-proven Javelin continues to fulfil a critical precision-strike role with our domestic and international partners, said Rich Benton, Javelin Joint Venture vice president and Javelin program director at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.
Javelin SEF, LLC is a subsidiary of Javelin Capital Markets, LLC which was founded in 2009.
Javelin added it had now sent a notification for the cancelling of the deal with Myriad.
For the men, Ryan Davis - one of the state's best throwers - qualified in the shot put, discus, hammer and javelin.
Using a standard CMOS process, Javelin has implemented an innovative mixed-signal architecture that achieves the highest levels of quality, reliability and robustness combined with supply assurance from the world's largest foundry.
The JAVELIN printer's array of Fujifilm Dimatix Samba print heads are incorporated in a highly accurate but user-friendly print-bar technology, including specialised electronics as well as an ink conditioning and ink delivery system, called Archer technology.
But when the women moved to the javelin, Cohn placed first, and she's been winning most of Canyons' meets since.
The Javelin Joint Venture team, a partnership of Raytheon Company and Lockheed Martin, successfully demonstrated Javelins ability to engage targets beyond its current 2.